Bee Propolis Benefits

Propolis sounds like an ancient greek city! The first time I ever heard of it was not from the Greeks, but from a Danish health professional who passionately believed in its healing properties. The second time I came across this supplement was when I started to work in a health store. There, tucked in a corner where the cold and sore throat products lay, were multiple packs of Propolis lozenges! But what exactly is Propolis?

It apparently is derived from the bark and leaves of trees. The bees gather this tree resin, combine it with nectar and use it to seal their hives. Due to its resinous nature, it has a completely different texture to that of bee pollen granules and sticky flowing honey.

The Russians are at the forefront when it comes to studying Propolis and many other natural substances; they used it as a natural antibiotic in the 2nd world war. During the Olympics of the late 60’s and 70’s they also used Arctic rout to give their athletes extra endurance while the west knew nothing of these things.

Hence Russian research has uncovered many of the healing properties of Propolis and various plants years before the west caught on.

 Propolis The Two Missing Elements

According to nutritionists, it contains a vast array of B vitamins and the famous bioflavonoid group which are also to be found in Green Tea, dark chocolate and red wine. Good levels of iron, zinc and the all important magnesium and potassium are all to be found in this great bee product.

Sulphur which is found in onions, garlic, eggs and dairy products is lacking in Propolis, but can easily be added to ones diet by eating sulphur rich foods or by purchasing organic MSM crystals from a local health store.

Vitamin K which is good for the bone matrix and preventing or fighting prostrate problems is also missing, but once again can be gained from food sources such as Sauer kraut. Apart from those elements, Propolis has everything else as regards vitamins and minerals!

We have already mentioned that proplis is a tree resin along with extra ingredients added by our amazing bee friend. However, at most the resin content is 70%; the other ingredients include wax, bee pollen and various essential oils.

Very much like bee pollen, Propolis is amino acid rich and also contains unknown compounds. Did you know that most of the compounds in grapes are still not known? Nature is complex and propolis is no less so!

We have already mentioned the antibiotic use of Propolis by the Russians and the throat lozenge’s that contain this supplement for the winter season. My Danish friend used it in his health clinic to alleviate the effects of cancer, which he swore by.

The list of health benefits to be gained from this supplement is absolutely endless, from serious burns to teenage acne, from the urinary tract to the sinus difficulties, from stomach problems to ear infections, along with many serious conditions, cancer only being one of them.

Propolis is a Antibiotic Immune booster

After undergoing a course of antibiotics usually it is advised to start eating some kind of bio yogurt and fermented foods such as Sauer kraute, so that the healthy flora in our digestive system can be rebuilt. The sad part is that all of this is avoidable in the first place!

Propolis is a natural antibiotic without the side effects associated with the synthetic chemical versions. It does not destroy both the good and the bad guys; hence our all important flora remains in tact as the bad strains of bacteria are destroyed by it.

This bee glue can surely keep our health glued together! From the bee’s point of view, Propolis is designed to keep the bee’s city home sterilized and free from bacterial infections. Should that not tell us something? Research indicates it fights fungi infections, microbes and strep. Propolis is one of the greatest immune boosters known to man!

100% Pro Health!

With such a large amount of benefits, humans began to use bee propolis throughout the medical field. As we mentioned above, the supplement is believed to promote health and strengthen a person’ immune system. In fact, it is also considered to drastically reduce the chances of cataracts. There are also propolis lozenges available in many countries because older bee keepers often suggested that a piece of propolis kept in the mouth would cure a sore throat. The supplement is often used to treat allergies as well; however, some people are allergic to bee and this includes bee products. In which case consuming bee proplis can cause a severe allergic reaction and even be deadly in some cases.

If you think that a bee propolis supplement is right for you, it’ important to research the product thoroughly before taking it. Not only should you research the benefits it has to your body, but you need to be aware of how your body will react to the supplement. A visit to your doctor can help you determine if the supplement is in fact right for you or not.