Circumcision: To snip or not to snip

So a study has come out from researchers in New Zealand about circumcision.

They followed circumcised and uncircumcised men through their mid-twenties.

The results were a little ambiguous. In one test group, they found being circumcised made “little or no difference” as to whether a man would contract an STD from sex. But in the other group, it seemed to make a significant difference (circumcised men being much less likely to get STDs).

In both cases, they said there was “compelling evidence” that a circumcised man is much less likely than an uncircumcised man to get the HIV virus from having sex with a woman.

Either way, whenever I come across one of these studies it makes me kind of mad.

I have three boys. All I have to do is observe them in the bath, or shower, to remind myself what a wimp, what a spineless milquetoast I am.

Circumcision was one issue about which both my wife Pam and I were dead set, absolutely adamant: me in favor, her against.

It was an issue about which we both looked each other in the eye and said: “I’m not backing down on this one.”

So guess who caved, who crumpled, who folded. Even though I felt I had the more compelling arguments- aesthetics, cheese, and some ambiguous research about STDs, basically-and felt that I, as a man, should have the final say.

She wore me down. Tears helped her cause: “I just can’t do that to my baby!” Also she had some mumbo-jumbo about it being unnatural.

And in the end I suppose I bowed to the supreme moral authority that is motherhood.

I mean, on the one hand, it’s true: they’re the same sex as me, so part of me feels I should be the boss of their junk, at least.

But on the other hand she’s their mother. She baked them in her womb, nurtured each one from a tiny zygote. And her connection and devotion to them is, like-fuhgedaboudit. If one of them was stuck under a bus, chemicals would start racing through her body and she’d lift the bus up.

So I suppose when all is said and done it was the right thing to do to bow to her will and knuckle under vis-a-vis getting my boys snipped. (I wish I were Jewish, then there’d be no question, for each boy there’d be a catered bris and his foreskin would fly up to an angry God.)

Even in matters of manhood, motherhood trumps fatherhood. Yes? No?

A Quick Review by the Editor:

Look at recent studies showing 1 in 4 teenagers have contracted some type of STD and studies showing it less likely to contract an STD if the male is circumcised. There is no hype or maternal/or paternal argument here. You do what is best for your son in this dangerous environment he will be growing up in! Your feeling are plain selfish or ignorant in nature if you sentence him to a higher risk of contracting an STD. Even if your boys are of a later age, you should sit down and talk seriously with them (at an appropriate age of understanding) and let them make the decision about their own body, not you. Done as a baby, there is no lasting effect on the child, me and many of my friends have discussed this and NO ONE remembers it – remember that Moms to be.