The Coconut Oil Diet Explained

Coconut oil has always been appreciated because of the various uses and health benefits. For instance, it can be used for creating amazing dishes and it is commonly used by Asian and Indian women to promote healthier hair and shine. Because so many positive things come from using oil of this kind, a special diet has even been developed. Known simply as the Coconut Oil Diet, many people have enjoyed weight loss with this plan over others.

Most people are surprised to learn that the body’s metabolism is boosted even though the oil is rich in saturated fat. While long chain triglycerides are bad for the body, triglycerides found in this sort of oil are actually good. Because it contains fast-burning triglycerides and involves eating low carbohydrate foods, the body can burn calories in a more efficient way. However, other benefits would be enjoyed with this program to include improved thyroid function.


Just as with other plans, the type of program has a unique structure that when followed would result in weight loss. For this, you would consume approximately three tablespoons of oil daily and consume low carbohydrates. Developed with four phases, the most challenging is the first or initial phase during which time the amount and types of carbohydrates consumed would be restricted.

The second phase involves cleansing and although some people skip this step, we highly recommend it as a means of flushing harmful toxins from the body. During this three-week period, “gunk” accumulated over years in the colon, kidneys, gallbladder, and liver would be eliminated, promoting weight loss but also overall health.

In the third phase, a greater variety and different types of carbohydrates would be introduced to the body. Then in the fourth and final phase, you would follow suggested meal plans as a way to keep off weight that that had been lost. This program is a process that requires time and dedication but ultimately, your goal of dropping pounds would be achieved.

Acceptable Foods

The kind of food associated with the Coconut Oil Diet would be different for each phase. As stated, the first phase is the hardest in that carbohydrates would be prohibited for three weeks. However, in this phase proteins would be allowed to include eggs, beef, turkey, chicken, fish, lamb, cheese, vegetables, and nuts. Along with eating protein-rich foods, it would be essential to drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water every day, along with taking the three tablespoons of coconut oil.

Then in the second phase of cleansing, it would be necessary to drink certain concoctions, which would vary based on the specific organ being detoxified. For instance, you may need to drink a glass of water mixed with olive oil and lemon juice and while not pleasant, these “special beverages” work. As mentioned, you would be allowed to eat different amounts and types of carbohydrates such as fruit, whole grains, and potatoes at this time.

In the fourth phase, which is also referred to as the “Maintenance Phase”, additional carbohydrates would be added to the list of accepted foods. Of course, you could not go overboard, but by sticking to the recommended food choices, your weight loss would be long-term. When buying the book or searching online, you could see all the different carbohydrates allowed during the fourth phase.


The primary reason people choose this diet plan is to lose weight but this particular one offers much more. Because thyroid function improves, various health issues would be prevented such as Candida or “leaky gut”, which messes up the digestive system. In addition to dropping weight, most people experience better health and even more youthful skin. If it were followed exactly as designed, a weight loss of 10 pounds, sometimes more within the first three weeks is possible.