Coffee: The world’s greatest addiction

This video about coffee starts out pretty dork-tastic, teaching you everything you ever wanted to know about how, where, and why coffee is grown. But soon enough, you might recognize the wild-eyed enthusiasm for the world’s most-beloved psychotropic drug as your own. Coffee is awesome! Coffee makes you happy! Coffee is the best part about everything before noon!

Propaganda aside, this member of our caffeine-driven editorial staff, for one, is very glad to hear the news: “For normal, healthy humans, coffee and the caffeine within it may have medical benefits, including protection from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s.” Boo-yah! We’ll take it.

So, if you love your lattes, cortados, cold press, French press, and double shots as much as we do, hit play to learn why we have coffee to thank for the Enlightenment, happiness, electricity, and really, all that is holy in this sweet world.

P.S. As someone who used to spend her Saturday nights in middle school feeling smugly sophisticated while watching the all-too-short-lived “Ask E. Jean” talk show and sipping a cup of International Taster’s Choice, I leave you with a bit of coffee commercial nostalgia:

––Sarah McColl,

The Editor’s Review:

Lame video. First, caffeine is not the only potentially negative thing about coffee. Second, wouldn’t it be better to find better ways to increase brain power and stay awake, such as going to bed at a decent hour, eating well, practicing meditation/yoga/qigong/tai chi, and exercising? Third, to grow enough beans for one cup of coffee it takes 37 gallons of water. And not just any 37 gallons of water, but 37 gallons of water in some of the most drought-stricken areas of the world.

Maybe it’s time we stop rationalizing our vices and instead focus on more positive ways of achieving good health, eh? And as a bonus, you’ll have extra money in your pocket. It’s one thing to recognize a vice, but to try and rationalize it? That’s just sad.