Does the ThighMaster Really Work?

Infomercials peddling exercise gadgets promise amazing results in just minutes a day. They use buzz words like ‘sculpt’ and ‘tone’, and make the world’s biggest fitness myth, spot reduction, seem like a reality. While you can’t spot reduce, you can use your ThighMaster as part of an overall toning workout.

In case you don’t recall the phenomenon that was Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster, what this spring-loaded gadget actually does is provide resistance for your inner and outer thighs and thus strengthens those muscles. It is an isolation exercise using the action of squeezing your thighs together and pulling them apart. The inner and outer thighs are a very difficult area to target, and it actually does do a good job of pinpointing those areas using the following exercises:

Inner Thighs

  • Sit forward on a hard chair, feet together on the floor
  • Open your knees and place your ThighMaster between your thighs
  • Squeeze the handles of your ThighMaster together
  • Repeat three sets of 20.

Outer Thighs

  • Sit forward on a hard chair, feet together on the floor
  • Place your legs inside the handles of your ThighMaster
  • Pull your knees away from one another, resisting against the ThighMaster
  • Repeat three sets of 20

Alternatively, if you didn’t hang on to your ThighMaster for twenty years, for at an at-home inner and outer thigh workout you can lie down on your side and perform leg lifts. If you are at the gym you can use the adductor (inner thigh) and abductor (outter thigh) machines.

BUT, REMEMBER: Spot reduction is a myth. Working the muscles of your inner and outer thighs will not reduce the size of your fat cells in that area. Your body does two things: it expands and shrinks your fat cells depending upon your caloric input and output and it expands and shrinks your muscles depending upon how much force you apply against them. The best way to make your muscles grow and your fat cells to shrink is keep a healthy active lifestyle, which includes lifting weights to increase your lean muscle mass, engage in aerobic activity, eat a healthy, well- balanced whole foods-based diet and get plenty of rest.

Author by Sarah Brown who is a fitness instructor at Goodlife