Easy Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

I am getting ready to head out on my summer vacation and having spent my winter getting into shape, I’m wondering if you have any tips so I don’t blow all my hard work.

It’s very easy to fall off the ‘health and fitness wagon’ while on vacation.

I don’t know how many times I have heard people say, “It’s okay; I’m on vacation.”

The truth of the matter is that making a few un-educated decisions could move that scale up more than a pound or two and leave you returning from vacation feeling sluggish and not at all rejuvenated, which is not what one expects from a holiday.

By creating an easy-to-follow vacation plan, you could return home feeling healthier and more energized than when you left.

Many hotels and cities have gyms with day passes: this is an easy way to get in your workout. Be sure to pack your gym clothes, jump rope and swimsuit. Find a class such as yoga, step or resistance training.

If a gym or a pool is not accessible, there is still no excuse. Make the buildings your stair-master; climb up the stairs of the tallest building; hit the stairs of the local stadium or at the very least, skip the elevator and take the stairs at your hotel. Many cities have beautiful places to go running, walking or hiking. Check online for the local trails.

Back in the hotel room try the following super set:

1 sets of 30 squats
1 minute of jumping rope
1 sets of 20 tricep dips off a hard chair
2 minutes of jumping rope
1 set of 20 push-ups
2 minutes of jumping rope
1 set of 20 abs crunches
1 set of 30 second planks

For best results do this set two or three times.

However you choose to exercise make sure you spend between 20–60 minutes a day working out, and stick to your planned schedule. You are on vacation after all and that is about your taking time for yourself!

When it comes to eating and drinking (cocktails) on the road, you want to be able to enjoy yourself.

Keeping up your exercise routine is a great way to balance your indulgences. Everything in moderation, try not to obsess about every calorie; however, try not to be careless about what goes into your mouth. Remember it takes just 3,500 calories to add one pound to your body, and that’s easily done with a few cocktails and dessert or wine and cheese.

Sticking to a regular eating schedule will help eliminate over indulging. Keep the water flowing and the snacks healthy.

Most importantly, enjoy your vacation. When you return home you will be able to jump back into your routine with health and vitality.