Easy Ways To Stay On Your Diet!

by Adara

Ok, so I may not be the best person to talk about staying on diets, when I try to go on diets I often find myself thinking aloud, and it always goes something like this, “What’s the harm in one little doughnut? It’s just a few hundred calories!” or “Hey, I’ll just start my diet tomorrow! What’s one more day? Besides, I’d rather start my diet on a Monday than a Sunday! Who starts diets on Sundays!? *stuffs face with chocolate*”

However, with at least twelve tried diets under my belt, I think I have found the key to diet success. It’s this teeny thing called self-control. I may not have a lot of it, but I’m trying. With the help of my best friend, we have started an over-the-summer diet, so we look super fabulous this fall and everyone comments on our summer transformation. Now, we did have a spring diet going, so we could get bikini ready, but, uh…yeah…we totally bombed that. Hey–we didn’t know about self-control then! But now we do, and we’re ready to stay on our diet!

Instead of indulging in pancakes drenched in calories syrup, we have whole-wheat toaster waffles with fresh strawberries and cool-whip (the calorie free kind) for breakfast. For a snack, we have something with fiber in it, to hold us over until lunch. Something like an apple. For lunch we skip the Mickey D’s and head straight for Chicky F’s. A grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup hits the spot.

As a late afternoon/early evening snack, we indulge. It may no be filling, it sure keeps us happy! It’s a square of chocolate. Yes a square. Off of an entire bar. I go for dark chocolate and she goes for chocolate with peanuts. Only a square, and never more. No matter how much one begs for more, the other must say “Hecks to the NO!”.

For a healthy dinner we stray from heavy things like red meat or super starchy foods, and instead try lighter items like Romain lettuce salads with cherry tomatoes, sliced carrots, and a dab of dressing. She might die if she didn’t have ranch, so we do it the “cool” (ie-lame and I wish i could drink it instead) way and dip the tines of our forks into the dressing.

For dessert we love us some fresh fruit! Watermelon or cantelope, blueberries or raspberries. We don’t limit the amount of fruits or vegetables we eat, because they’re our favorite and as long as they’re eaten without being drenched in sugars or syrups, or packaged in cans, we eat as much as we want, whenever we want.

So, I guess the key to diets would be self-control and the key to self-control is help, and I guess that help must be my best-friend. Anyways, the moral of the blog is: If you wanna stay on a diet, you’re gonna need some support. You don’t need to spend your Tuesday and Thursday nights at your local Over-Eaters Anonymous (my Over Eaters Anonymous is right next to the bakery-darn them to heck! Aren’t they always!) or shell out you’re hard earned cash to Weight Watchers, you just need a good friend.