Fat Smash Diet

You would practically have to have been living under a rock to not have heard about the Hollywood famous Fat Smash diet. It exploded onto America’s weight loss scene with the introduction of the popular reality t.v series that airs on VH1 called Celebrity Fit Club. But does this program success mirror its popularity? How does it work? You can find your answer here.

An Introduction

The Fat Smash Diet is the diet used on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. It was created by Dr. Ian Smith and begins in phase 1 with a cleansing. Then in phase 2 you begin to add other food items back into your meal plan. Slowly over a period of the next several weeks you’ll add in other foods and by month 3 you’re able to have an occasional slice of pizza or cookies.

I really like this regimen plan because the possibility to have a little fun, without breaking the diet.  It requires you to be strict for 9 days and then you begin adding in other foods.  It’s really awesome and I’ve already lost 10 pounds in just 2 weeks.

Does the Fat Smash Diet Work – A unique look at the plan

One thing that can be said about the plan is that it certainly doesn’t stray too far from the philosophies of the most common diets out there today. Like the majority of diets, this weight loss plan was created by Dr. Ian Smith-author of the book The Fat Smash Diet and not surprisingly a judge on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, is broken up into a series of phases with specific guidelines designed to aid the dieter in his/her quest to lose weight. In what was likely an attempt to make his diet plan that is ultimately quite complex appear more simple, Dr.Smith chose only four phases for the complete program. Much of what you will read out there will give you the impression that the plan is easy to follow but also that success is practically inevitable if you simply follow this plan.

However, I have not experienced any notable weight loss from this diet, indeed I have even experienced a loss of nutrients due to the extreme nature of DR. smith’s technique. I have spent years experimenting with various dieting schemes not dissimilar to DR. smith’s diet but it wasn’t until I discovered the Fat Loss 4 Idiots that I experienced true success in weight loss.

How Does It Work?

1.The first phase, called “Detox” is a 9-day period dedicated to ridding your diet of anything but low-calorie fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are all very well and good, but to limit your diet to just those foods is unhealthy. A balanced diet should not restrict you from consuming foods containing vital nutrients and vitamins that are not found in fruits and vegetables.

2.The Second phase of the plan is called “The Foundation” and is longer than the first, lasting 3 weeks. In this phase you are encouraged to increase your physical activity to 30 mins. A day for 5 days. As for food, you can continue on with the fruits and veggies while adding a limited amount of grains, lean meat, and dairy back into your meal plan. Although this stage is slightly less restrictive than the first in terms of what you can eat, it demands more of you physically by roughly 15%.

3.The third phase is titled “Construction”. This is a 4-week long phase. Here you can eat everything that you ate in Phases I and II, but can also re-introduce pastas and some desserts. Physical activity can now include exercise with weights and must be increased by 25% up from the previous phases regimen.

4.Phase IV-The Temple, is supposed to be a phase that lasts the rest of your life. This phase is more fun because finally you can add beer and wine back onto your menu! However this can also be viewed as a very intense permanent stage in terms of how much exercise you must do to maintain the diet. You are instructed to workout 5 days a week for an entire hour each time.

People are drawn to the Fat Smash because of its organized structure and restrictive nature. It is a common belief that by restricting certain foods from our diets at particular times and in a measured fashion, we can loose all the weight in the world if we so chose. However, I believe that diets should not be so difficult. The more stuff we take out of our diet is the more we set ourselves up for failure due to intense cravings and a lack of important vitamins and nutrients. Diets should not make you feel tired, weak, and cranky most of the time. The average person does not have an hour to dedicate to exercise 5 days out of the week, but this should not prevent them from achieving their weight loss goals.

How does it work and what worked for me? I personally believe that diets should simplify your life and make your day-to-day more approachable rather than reeking havoc and causing undue stress.