Fenphedra Review

My first impression of Fenphedra was basically WOW. But for the sake of the review, I tried to dig in pretty deep on this product, and figure out how/why/if it works.

First, to clear any misconceptions, it appears that Fenphedra does not contain Phentermine, Ephedra, or Hydrocodone. This is a good thing. At first I thought, “Well, why name your product Fenphedra if it doesn’t contain any of those ingredients?” The answer became obvious as I researched the product in more depth. It appears that Fenphedra offers amazing results, akin to the results achieved by those (illegal) substances, without the same side effects.

Fenphedra contains Phenylethylamine (PEA), which creates a natural high for users. This high is extremely effective when you’re pumping out the last few reps of a grueling workout, or wanting to keep your focus and motivation as you begin your final mile on a long run and want to push through to the end.

Fenphedra also contains Synephrine, which has been proven to be extremely effective in fighting fat, suppressing appetite, and increasing energy. Synephrine comes from a fruit that has been used in Chinese medicine for years. The effects of Synephrine are akin to those of Ma Huang (also known as Ephedra!).

DiCaffeine Malate is also present in Fenphedra, and is a very strong energy booster. Combined with Synephrine, you’ll have the fat burning effects, along with the energy necessary to accomplish all that’s necessary to help you shave off the pounds.

Fenphedra contains Chocamine, which is an extract of the cocoa plant. It’s long been known that cocoa increases endurance. As a matter of fact, British soldiers supplemented their diets with cocoa so they remain alert longer during long nights at war. Marathon runners also supplement with cocoa extracts for the same reason.

Humulus Lupus may be the most interesting ingredient of Fenphedra, in that it gives the user a mild high, and then a very nice calm. Medicinally, it has been used to help cases of nervous irritability. Other studies have shown that it has great anti-inflammatory/pain relieving capabilities. I found the inclusion of this in Fenphedra to be almost genius. What you have is the energy effects of some of the previous ingredients mentioned above, but without the jitters that would accompany them. The reason you don’t have those jitters is because of the counteracting calming influence of the Humulus Lupus. My hat goes of to Fenphedra for this combination.

From a pure ingredients standpoint, I’d rate Fenphedra right at the top of my list when it comes to effective fat-burning, energy-giving supplementation.

I usually don’t include pricing in my reviews, because it’s so frequently changed by supplement companies. The normal strategy is for them to offer very low prices for the first few months, and, if their product takes (and it appears Fenphedra will), they’ll increase their price substantially.

So along that vein, I’d just like to mention that I find the Fenphedra pricing to be about at the “beginning” of the pricing stage. This means it’s probably at the lowest will ever see it and, based on the feedback I’m hearing so far, it would seem to me that a price hike is probably in order. I also find their shipping cost to be out and out cheap. Many supplement companies will offer allegedly “low” prices and then gouge you on the shipping. Kudos goes out to these guy for doing it right.

But now let’s talk a bit about the negatives.

  1. You can’t use Fenphedra if you’re under 18 years of age. This means two things: 1) those younger will have to wait and 2) those older are getting a pretty potent product! But honestly, I do think it’s sad that younger people can’t enjoy the benefits of a great weight-loss formula.
  2. They don’t give refunds. Based on the customer feedback we’ve received here, I don’t really see that as a deal-breaker, but it would be nice if they would be a bit more accommodating.
  3. Fenphedra Co. doesn’t offer autoship (at least, not yet, according to their site). To me, auto-ship is a great thing. It basically means instead of me having to worry about when I’m running out of something, they worry about it for me and ship the product as soon as I need it. I wish they would offer autoshipping.

I have to say, I’m impressed with Fenphedra’s formula and am anxious to hear back from people that have tried it. I’ve noticed other sites proclaiming to review Fenphedra, stating that the formula “probably doesn’t do much.” I’m sorry, but did they even read the label? You’ll notice, as you read the review further, that the author eventually pushes some other product. I wonder what that’s all about.

For the greatest source of effectiveness in a diet pill, I prefer it to come straight from a customer’s mouth; someone who has actually used the product, to see what they have to report. I did some research on the seller of Fenphedra, and also am constantly gathering comments received from people frequenting this site. Here are some examples of what I’ve heard:

Works Wonders! – navalreservejim

Great stuff. Have seen a big improvement. – lilintimadator3

Wonderful product! Friend & i have lost a total of 5kg! Great! Flabbergasted! A+ – mrkl28

Will definitely be ordering again. – fallbada

Was exactly what I am looking for. – mr.paris.87

It would be tedious to comb through everything and put it up here, but needless to say, I couldn’t find one person that hadn’t experienced weight loss from using Fenphedra. Actual customer feedback, in my opinion, speaks volumes.

In conclusion, I would definitely give Fenphedra my highest endorsement. It’s a great combination of extremely effective weight loss supplements, all packed into a few easy-to-take capsules. Every naysayer I’ve come across, when confronted on the issue, has admitted that they were attempting to push another product. Whatever. The customers can speak for themselves!