HCG 500 Calorie Diet: Lowering Calories

Interesting Facts

A standard 500 calorie diet would certainly be considered risky although many people have dropped weight quickly by following a diet such as this. However, with this type of plan being so drastic, someone thinking about losing weight in this manner should first talk to a doctor. In addition to being under a doctor’s supervision, the person following this plan needs to understand that it would only be a short-term weight loss solution in that the body requires more calories to function.

While a person wanting to lose weight could simply restrict calorie intake to 500, an official program consisting of 500 calories and known as the HCG Diet was recently developed. Throughout the years, a variety of unique plans have been devised but this one has definitely stirred up a lot of controversy.

For this plan, dieters would take Human Chorio Gonadotropin, a hormone produced by placenta. However, claims made by the creator that the HCG Diet produces quick results and that weight loss comes directly from body fat, have peaked the public’s interest.

Strict Guidelines

Although a person is supposed to follow the guidelines of any program, for the HCG 500 calorie diet doing everything exactly as listed would be critical. In fact, if each step of the plan were not followed correctly, a person could actually become ill. For an individual to achieve success on this particular one, certain things need to happen.

  • HCG diet drops or HCG injections would be used alongside any food consumed to enhance the loss of unwanted body fat.
  • Although deemed highly successful, many people who follow the program experience intense cravings. However, there are no restrictions to the amount of fluid intake so various types of tea are recommended to push through times of craving real food.
  • With this plan, the foods chosen are key factors to success so every detail is critical. For instance, sucking on mints or chewing gum would be prohibited since they contain aspartame.
  • Prior to starting, the body must be properly prepared. While on the plan, the majority of weight loss would be in the form of fat so during the first few days of the diet consumption of fatty foods are required.

Positive Aspects

Even though people would consume far fewer calories than what medical and nutritional experts recommend, people who have tried this one have some positive things to say. Some of the good things are listed below.

  • Weight comes off extremely fast and although the way it works remains a mystery to medical professionals and scientists, proof is seen in the people who have been transformed.
  • The amount of weight a person could lose would be another positive factor. With conventional diets, average weight loss ranges from 8 to 16 pounds within a two to four-week period. However, with this type of plan, most people lose between 20 and 40 pounds in the same timeframe. The difference is dramatic but to see results such as this, 125 to 200 IU of HCG would also need to be taken daily.
  • Although the amount and variety of foods consumed are limited, people get to enjoy eating healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, raw foods, soups, salads, and a number of spices.
  • It has strict guidelines but one advantage it has over other diets is that the HCG drops and injections used with this one are approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration or FDA.

Downsides to the HCG Diet

Obviously, any time it makes the top of the list for people wanting to lose weight, medical and nutritionist experts are going to start digging for facts. Below, we provided information uncovered during the process, along with other negative aspects.

  • The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition reminded people that consuming fewer than 1,000 a day forces the body into starvation mode, which prompts the body to hoard all the glucose and fatty acids possible as a means of survival.
  • Although it does allow for some exciting spices, options are too restricted according to people who have followed it.
  • For certain individuals, a diet of 800 calories or less would create serious health risks to include heart failure.
  • One of the common side effects of following this program is constipation although most people get relief by consuming large amounts of water.
  • Taking too much HCG or an improper dose would lead to problems such as headaches, nausea, and abdominal pain.