Honey and Cinnamon Cures

Honey and Cinnamon cures are quite versatile and amazing. Are you ready to discover some more benefits of honey? along with the benefits of cinnamon? Ok, lets see if we can discover some cures just for you.

Did you know that the cures make for a super duper natural medicine! The honey should always be pure and natural or if you have a supply near by you try locally produced raw honey. It should never have been heat treated and should not be the kind of runny honey that passes itself off as the real thing.Honey and cinnamon cures together have been used frequently over thousands of year.

If you think about it, before any chemical medicines were invented, people had only nature to rely on. They would have spent a great deal of time experimenting with whatever nature provided for them, usually plants and of course cinnamon and honey. We are becoming aware once again thankfully to the cures they discovered.

What is cinnamon?

It is an anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial natural food source. Many people believe this is the tastiest spice of all and I wholeheartedly agree. It is taken from the bark of the cinnamon tree and just like honey, has been around for thousands of years. Together with honey the health benefits of cinnamon could be included in healthy eating to lose weight, try adding some regularly to your own diet plan to feel really great.

These two combined are thought by many to be the best anti-aging foods and will most certainly improve your health. Cinnamon raisin bread with cinnamon coffee and a dollop of organic honey is a great way to start the day for breakfast and cinnamon tea is to die for! The uses acting as a natural medicine are still very common in some societies where it used frequently even to this day as a fertility boost when trying for a baby.

Cinnamon’s natural properties together with honey makes a pretty powerful combination.

Cures For Nasty Burns and Scalds

The combination cures those annoying burns and scalds where you burn yourself using the oven or the steam from a boiling the kettle, ouch they hurt!

Stop any further burning by immersing the wound in cold water for at least ten minutes to stop any further skin tissue damage. After about ten minutes the burning of your skin tissues will have stopped.

Then apply a honey and cinnamon paste. Don’t overdo the cinnamon, 3 parts honey to 1 part cinnamon is an ideal amount. The honey will reduce the swelling and inflammation speeding up the healing process.

Cures For The Liver

Your liver will thank you by using cinnamon and honey cures especially the morning after the night before!. Its strange when you think that the first ever alcoholic drink invented was honey wine!

It is rather strange to think the health benefits of honey will also help you recover from the effects of over indulging but mix both with oats or yoghurt the next morning and you’ll soon feel as right as rain again.

Cures for Menopausal Symptoms

These can be extremely difficult and hard to deal with; they can really get you down. I believe I have managed to control mine extremely well because I follow the honey diet.

These two combined reduces those awful hot flushes us poor women sometimes have to endure! They can be kept to a minimum or even stopped by sipping on a mixture of the two ingredients which we can make up daily and leave in the fridge.

Try to start each day by making up jug of spring water, mixed with a couple of dollops of raw honey, or if you prefer organic honey a dash of lemon juice and pure cinnamon immersed in it overnight.

Leave it in the fridge and drink it chilled throughout the day, it really will help. I think this is where uses of cinnamon can benefit all us ladies out there. Treat yourself next time you go shopping.

Treating All Types of Skin Infections Nasty Sores and Scars

Most of us have annoying skin infections, nasty sores and a scar or two and most of these can be prevented.

Scars which include impetigo, cold sores, bed sores, chapped lips, insect bites and pimples all benefit from honey and cinnamon cures.

Some people do not like the taste of cinnamon when using it on cold sores and you may prefer to use Propolis, however, you can follow the same procedures.

You should be careful not to use equal parts of honey and cinnamon, go easy on the cinnamon and add some water if treating insect bites, this paste will help ease the itching much quicker.

This paste should be gently massaged in every night before sleeping until the problem has cleared. Honey cures are stimulated in damp conditions, this is precisley what is needed medicinal honey.

Cures For Digestion Ailments

Including tummy ache, indigestion, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and urinary problems are all annoying problems and research and studies in the Orient have discovered and proved that a good raw honey along with cinnamon can relieve all these symptoms for you.

The ancient Orient’s are experts in the knowledge they have for natural medicines and personally I think we could all learn a lot more from them. They certainly understand the benefits of cinnamon when used with honey.

The combination helps to break down any acidity in our stomachs which can in turn lead to any and many of the above symptoms. Simply add more to your daily diet to keep your gut and bladder healthy and sip it as a drink throughout the day.

Try a detox of apple and cinnamon tea once in a while sweetened with honey as an alternative to just eating a spoonful on its own. Honey and cinnamon cures can be used in so many ways.

Honey’s natural sugar content is a natural way to boost our immune systems when we are subjected to severe tiredness, fatigue and when we feel down in the dumps either through over-doing things, not sleeping properly and having a nagging problem we feel unable to deal with. Depression can really get you down.

A regular, daily drink made with fresh spring water a couple of spoonfuls of raw honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon taken twice or more a day should perk you up in no time. After about a week you will start to feel more alert and of course much better.

This lovely comforting drink will also help to stimulate your brain which will help you to think a lot more cleary. Once we are able to think more clearly it is far easier to cope with our worries which in turn helps to aid sleep.

The two combination can be taken in any form you prefer and is wonderful for helping you to sleep at night because of its calming effect.

I personally prefer to take it with warm milk just before hitting the pillow! The smell of cinnamon is very calming also. An extra nice way to help you drift off is by lighting a cinnamon scented candle in the room for an hour or so before you go to bed.

Cures For High Cholesterol

Usually these problems arise with age but of course that is not exclusive. When our arteries become clogged over time or even due to eating an unhealthy diet we need to be very alert to the fact we could become very ill indeed.

It is extremely important we do our utmost to keep and bodies in tip top condition to help reduce heart disease. Honey and cinnamon will boost your blood supply helping it to flow more easily through your veins.

Even when you are older and “allowed” to slow down, increasing honey in your diet will benefit you whatever age you are.

Cinnamon for lowering cholesterol is a little known fact but one you should really try. Try it any way you wish, drink or eat it and it will help to either prevent or stimulate and unclog your veins and arteries.

Athletes find this very beneficial also as many of them will boost their performances naturally by taking a couple of spoonfuls just before running or a workout. Much better than any of those artificial energy drinks on the market. Come to think of it, why is this drink not marketed?

Remedies for Joint Pains and Arthritis

Honey and cinnamon cures will help arthritis sufferers too. My research on these conditions amazed me! During medical trials it was found that patients suffering with these painful conditions were either cured totally or their symptoms had decreased considerably.

Increase the two ingredients in your diet and also make a paste of the two combined. Massage the paste gently into the area that is troubling you twice a day and if possible cover with some warm melted beeswax, melt this slowly and gently in a glass container immersed in a metal container of hot water.

Never try heating it alone in a metal saucepan otherwise it will burn and really not smell very nice!

If you don’t have any beeswax, cover the area with a clean towel and place a warmish hot water bottle or wheat bag over the area.

The heat will produce a wonderful warm and comforting feeling. Ask someone to help you bandage the affected area if this is possible and change the dressing daily. Within a couple of weeks to a month your symptoms could be gone forever! Wow, I think I had better get “pasting”!

Nobody needs to suffer these painful conditions and this is where the benefits of honey and of course the health benefits of cinnamon can help our mobility which in turn will help you to do more and enjoy your life more. We all can when we are healthy.

Cures for Hair and Scalp Problems

Mix together a paste of cinnamon and honey and a little olive oil. Rub or comb this gently through the hair and on the scalp, leave it for at least 15 minutes before washing with a good herbal shampoo. It quickly clears up any itchiness and dandruff and helps the hair gain in strength.

For those dreaded little head lice bugs increase the olive oil and coat the hair. With a very fine tooth comb or preferably a nit comb starting at the scalp, slide the comb down through sections of the hair.

The nits cannot stick to very greasy hair. Repeat this as often as you need……….which won’t be often. The best honey to use for this is Manuka Honey.

Gosh, aren’t honey and cinnamon cures wonderful! I have read that this will help with hair loss and baldness but my research has not proved the theory for baldness I’m afraid.

Hey guys, baldness does not make you less attractive, its what’s inside that matters. Every one is unique and special in their own way and there are some very good looking bald men around.

Cures for Dental Problems

Because honey has so many antibacterial properties it is particularly helpful for toothache. It reduces any infected swelling. You can safely dab on a paste of honey and cinnamon three times a day to the infected tooth to help kill the pain but you will need to see a dentist eventually as it will not make you a brand new tooth unfortunately.

If you have an abscess only, it is possible that visit to the dentist will not be necessary because the two combined will draw out the infection first and then heal it for you.

For good oral hygiene a mouth rinse with honey and cinnamon is very good, it will help to keep your breath fresh all day long. However, saying this, it is still important for you to floss and brush your teeth twice a day.

Please still and always be aware not to use this for babies under one year old. Although after 12 months this solution is very helpful for teething problems. It is advisable here to always speak with a doctor.

Cures to Aid Weight Loss

Oh Deep Joy! A natural formula to help lose weight and keep it under control. How many of us have wished for a magic formula and how many of us hadn’t realized it is there, in our store cupboard waiting to be discovered, cinnamon and honey cures weight!

Honey is a natural sweetener so first make a promise to yourself to replace any sugar or sugar substitutes in your diet with honey as a substitute. The vitamins and minerals in honey nutrition along with the cinnamon actually help to increase your metabolism which means any fat is burned off far more quickly. It will naturally boost your energy levels so very useful, helpful and important when starting a new exercise program. It also helps to maintain your energy levels whilst you perspire so your overall strength and endurance will last far longer.

Make your own energy drink by mixing honey cinnamon and fresh fruit too if you like. Just blend it all together. If you prefer to use a fat free or soya based milk to make an energy smoothie that too is great. Keep sipping this throughout the day. We’ll soon have you looking like a super-model.

There are some superb honey recipes and with a sprinkle of cinnamon too……Mmmm, tasty! If you really find it hard to stop nibbling try a cinnamon apple crisp for a change. Slice some peeled apples into rings, bake or grill, sprinkle with cinnamon and dip into some honey, so much healthier for you.

Honey enhances the feeling of “fullness” which means you will probably cut down on what you would normally eat without even realizing it.

Help Headaches and Tension

These are so mind numbing at times, you can’t function and you are in pain. Its a good idea to cut out anything like chocolate and red wine which can often trigger these off. Try to make a point of sipping every couple of hours or so a calming fruit tea made with cinnamon water.

Simmer some cinnamon quillings in a saucepan for a while and through a strainer pour over your herbal tea bag. Once this has cooled slightly add some honey to sweeten it (never add honey to very hot liquids, it destroys its wonderful properties) and for goodness sake put your feet up, relax, sip and enjoy.

You’ll soon feel better. It should stop the problems ever arising in the first place……..Whoa…..no more head pain!

Remedy For Coughs Colds and the Flu

Oh the tickle, the congestion, the runny nose, the throbbing head……I identify with you here. No matter how healthy a lifestyle we all try to lead these annoying little bugs pop up out of nowhere when we’re not looking!

Lets kick them out of our system fast shall we? I think by now you have heard me banging on about the benefits of honey and cinnamon cures for quite a while and you can tell I am passionate about the subject.

The popular drink of honey and lemon is even better with a spoonful of cinnamon added. Together they flush those little nasties out far quicker than if we just leave them alone!

Drink it warm throughout the day but particularly at bedtime, it is so soothing and comforting. The health benefits of honey will soothe and coat your throat with a protective membrane to stop the tickle.

Sleep too is a great healer and you will feel better in days rather than weeks.

The next time you go shopping treat yourself if you don’t already have any to some cinnamon and honey, fresh if you can, but try like me to always have a cinnamon supplement in the cupboard with your jar of honey then they will be all ready and waiting for you when you need them.