Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Honey and cinnamon also make for some pretty incredible cures since these two ingredients have many health benefits for us. The combination had been proven to be effective for a lot of diseases and conditions, here are 8 main benefits as below:

  • 1. Treatment of hair loss: The combination of the two is a great medicine for those people who are experiencing loss of hair. If they are applied to the affected part of the head along with hot olive oil and left for some minutes before bath, a great effect of this could be notice after continuous application for some months.
  • 2. The treatment of infection of the bladder. The mixture if taking with Luke warm water if drank, is a good medicine for destroying the germs of the bladder.
  • 3. It can use to cure cholesterol. It the mixture is taking with tea water is a great medicine for the reducing of the level of the cholesterol in the body of a human being. The honey alone itself, if taking regularly on a daily basis do relives cholesterols complains.
  • 4. It relieves from tooth ache. If the mixture of the two is applied to aching teeth, it helps in reducing the ache. Though this procedure will have to be done at least 3 times a day for optimization.
  • 5. For common cold. Those people that are suffering from common and severe cold can be relieved with the taking of the mixture of the honey and cinnamon and Luke warm water. It is highly effective in the treatment of chronic cough too.
  • 6. Heart disease; This combination also helps in treating heart disease and also for the people that are suffering from heart attack problems. This is effective if the mixture of the two is apply on bread and eats regularly for breakfast.
  • 7. The cinnamon and honey health benefits also include the helping of clearing of the stomach ulcers.
  • 8. The mixture of the two also helps in building of the body immune systems. If the tow mixtures are taking daily on a regular basis, it help the immune system by protecting it the body against viral attack and bacteria.

The various cinnamon and honey health benefits do extend far than the above listed remedies. There are lots of other known advantage of taking the mixtures and there are lots of unknown benefits as well. But the most important thing is that there is not a known disadvantage of consuming it. In view of this, consuming cinnamon and honey on a daily basis could be very essential to the body.

Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss

1. Cinnamon and Weight Reduction

Cinnamon has been utilized for thousands of years because of its warming aroma and healing qualities. It’s a supply of important nutrition for example manganese. It has anti-oxidant, anti-yeast and anti-microbial qualities. It will also help lower the cholesterol level. Recent research demonstrated that cinnamon might help improve bloodstream sugar level and keep a proper blood insulin balance.

The blood sugar controlling characteristics of cinnamon will be the factors that will assist reduce weight. However, take note that cinnamon is not magic fat loss product. If you want to shed weight you should employ it using the other fat loss techniques.

Using Cinnamon to Lose Weight

Sprinkle cinnamon in your morning coffee, use in herbal teas, shakes and smoothies. Note you need to consume a minimum of one teaspoon each day to determine the advantages.

Try the next drink: 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, a pinch of stevia (a real pinch because stevia is a lot more gratifying than sugar along with a more healthy option to it), half a glass of warm water and half a glass of grain milk. It features a enjoyable taste and boosts the mind performance.

Or you can mix it to your shakes: 1/3 of ripe blueberry, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 full tablespoon of soppy tofu, 1/3 teaspoon of cacao, 1 glass of grain milk (or organic soy milk or low-body body fat organic cow milk).

You may even take cinnamon capsules. This really is the simplest approach to consume it since according to an analysis saliva destroys a couple of from the beneficial characteristics of cinnamon.

Purchase the cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder from the  natural food market to make sure the standard from the product.

Cinnamon can bother the stomach lining if you have nausea, consume it moderately.

Generally if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or possess a chronic disease, take safeguards with any herbal treatments. Request your physician or do your personal research to make certain they will not harm you.

2. Honey and Weight Loss sounds Too good to be True!

Yes you are right, how on earth can honey and weight loss work so well? Honey provides us with different calories than those that are found in sugar. Sugar contains the sugar itself, corn syrup and other processed sweeteners.

Honey is a natural sweetener comprised of concentrated nectar from flowers. It contains protein, vitamin B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc too. It also contains much needed antioxidants for good health.

When trying to lose weight, some of the vitamins and minerals listed above are critical – they help with better metabolism which means that you are able to digest your foods faster and better and therefore excrete all that your body considers extra and not needed.

People who are overweight generally show a shortage of some of these vitamins and minerals. This is one of the great benefits of eating honey; it supplies you with these essential vitamins and minerals.

Honey and Weight Loss increases your Energy Levels helping you Burn Fat far Quicker

Honey is also an excellent source of energy compared to sugar. Honey enters the bloodstream and is slow to be released but the little that is released, because of its richness, will keep your energy levels up for quite a while.

Sugar, on the other hand enters the blood stream so quickly that there are rapid fluctuations in blood glucose levels.

Watch a child who consumes a bag of sweets or a bar of candy and see the sudden high they experience which in turn affects that child’s concentration. I believe personally this does not help their behavior.

It gets finished rather fast too, and you have to keep replenishing it all the time. Sugar also leaves you at the risk of obesity, but not honey because of its slow release energy.

Honey happens to have a lot more calories than sugar but because it’s much sweeter, you’ll find that you consume much less of it than you would sugar.

Eventually, you are consuming far less calories with honey than if you were eating sugar.

How can I use Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss?

Combine it with cinnamon. Just add a teaspoon of cinnamon, in a cup previously boiled water and add a tablespoon of honey and stir it in. It tastes wonderful too and is a great way to experience the health benefits of honey and cinnamon also.

Besides, honey and lemon is a very popular and refreshing drink which is just as nice if home-made and served chilled.

Like smoothies? They are a fantastic way for using honey for weight loss especially if they have lots of fruits in them. Instead of piling spoonfuls of sugar into them to sweeten replace this with a tablespoon or two of honey. Try adding fat free yoghurt into your smoothie this is a great weight loss agent too.

Your diet might consist of herbal teas. Add honey to these teas and you will feel hungry less frequently. Ginger tea benefits are huge and are another fantastic way to use your honey for losing weight.