How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work

The latest buzz in the weight loss world is this miracle fruit called Garcinia Cambogia. It is heralded as the Holy Grail of Weight Loss by none other than renowned physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz. He has been so impressed with this extract that he even featured it in his show.

The Fruit

Just to give you a background, the fruit is native to Indonesia, Africa, India and some parts of Southeast Asia. Locals have been enjoying its benefits for many, many years. It is used as a condiment to curries and chutneys. In Malaysia, it is added to soups or is turned into a more fulfilling dish. The fruit is green or yellow and looks like a small pumpkin. It is also referred to as northern or pot tamarind and gambooge. It should not be confused with mangosteen, another member of the Garcinia genus.

How Does it Work?

The active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid also known as HCA. It is the component responsible for weight loss. It is a form of citric acid and is present in most of our daily lives. It is a natural preservative and is responsible for the sour taste in food, i.e. soft drinks. It is popular in the cosmetics industry as a deep cleansing agent. It also has some antiviral properties.

Essentially, the pure Garcinia Cambogia extract with HCA works three ways: it suppresses your appetite so that you won’t want to eat nearly as much or crave those sugary and fatty foods nearly as much as you do now. It also blocks fat cells from being produced. Fat cells are produced by the liver converting sugar into fat.

What could be better than curbing your appetite and blocking fat cells? Serotonin! Serotonin is the “happy chemical” your brain produces. If you tend to be an emotional eater, your body is lacking in this chemical and by taking this supplement as directed, you’ll surely notice a difference in how often you find yourself reaching for the ice cream or potato chips when you’re upset or bored. You’ll also find that being in a better mood makes you want to get out and be active instead of laying on the couch watching TV.

It even helps to get rid of bad cholesterol, which will help your overall heart health and in no time at all, you’ll be on your way to a long, healthy life that isn’t ruled by food!

Other Health Benefits

  • Because it regulates your serotonin and cortisol levels, you’ll not only notice that you’re not reaching for the fridge or cupboards as much, but you’ll also find that you’re sleeping better and have more energy. More energy means that you’re more likely to be active, and activity equals more weight loss. It’s like a vicious cycle of winning!
  • Even if you don’t change your eating habits or physical activity, you’ll still lose weight. You’ll just lose more if you decide to also change your lifestyle, as it is with any weight loss supplement. The difference between Garcinia Cambogia and other weight loss supplements though is that the Garcinia Cambogia actually works!

So Basically, it is the beginning of a healthier you.

Is it Safe to Be Used as a Weight Loss Supplement?

There have been numerous studies with this extract and it is important to note that proper dosage is key to achieve good results. It can prevent food cravings and prevent fatty cells from forming in your body.

The recommended daily dose is 500-1500 mg of 50% of HCA. Of course, some factors play a vital role in the effectiveness of this product:

  • Your weight
  • Your metabolism
  • Your current exercise regimen or physical activities
  • Your current diet

Read the label to know how many milligrams one pill is. Some brands require you to take one pill before every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) while some just require you to take one a day.

The important thing is to consult your physician or health care provider first before starting any supplement program.


As with all supplements and medicines, Garcinia Cambogia supplements should be taken with precaution. It should be taken in controlled quantities. In very large quantities, it produces some mild side effects including headaches, nausea and some laxative effects. These instances are very rare, however and only occur when the person goes above the recommended dosage. In the studies made with this fruit, there were never any side effects reported when quality supplements and controlled dosage were used.

This supplement is generally safe for most people. There are a few exceptions though:

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Persons who are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • Children 12 years old and below

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should always consult their health care provider before taking any medicines or supplements. It is recommended that pregnant women stay away from dieting as it may affect the unborn child’s nourishment.

This extract can make the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s worse so it should not be given to people who are suffering from those illnesses.

People who are taking statin should stay away from Garcinia as it might give them muscle degeneration and other negative side effects.

Childhood obesity is prevalent in most countries. You should consult your pediatrician before giving your child any dieting or weight loss supplements.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are concerns that HCA causes toxicity and liver problems. So far, there have been no studies confirming these concerns.

In general, most people who take this supplement have reported no ill effects. However, when taken in large doses, it may cause headaches, nausea, sleepiness and frequent bowel movements. It also depends on the sensitivity of the user. Some are sensitive to supplements and if you know you are, you should take extra precaution before taking this.

If you experience any side effects mentioned above or if you feel different after taking the Garcinia Cambogia product like the pill or capsule, stop taking it and consult your doctor. If you have any underlying health conditions, it is also wise to consult your doctor first before taking these supplements.

Also, be sure to get your supply from a reputable provider. Fake pills will do you more harm than good.