Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

We all know the adverse and serious effects of smoking to our health. But despite this, many smokers won’t just stop the habit. This is because the nicotine contained in cigarettes is very addictive. Many smokers try to quit on their own, but they often fail because it’s just so hard to resist the urge to smoke. That is why there are stop smoking aids. There is also other option— hypnosis for quitting smoking.

Now, What is Hypnosis?

The procedure is called hypnotherapy. Yes, you read that right. It makes use of hypnotism to help one quit smoking. But let me clarify that this does not make used of magic or enhancement, as often pictured out by many people. It is designed to divert the attention or the reality of the individual. Many claim that it can make one stop by making the patient think he is a non-smoker.

Hypnotherapy helps you relax and makes you think other things. In other words, it diverts your attention on other better things so that you will not have to smoke. It works by unlocking the door of your subconscious mind. In the realm of the subconscious, there is no distinction between reality and imagination. So what hypnotherapist does is to make the patient believe he’s not a smoker. By regularly doing this, the conscious mind will then get used to the reality created in the subconscious.

This aid targets the psychological state of the smoker. It is claimed to be effective because addiction usually happens in the mind. Many say that this is effective, especially if the hypnotherapist you consult is really an expert. You can self-hypnotize, but it does not work that well since you still need to follow some sort of a program. So you better consult a hypnotherapist so that you will be guided. This also involves counseling and talking about your addiction.

The great thing about using smoking cessation hypnosis is that it doesn’t have any side effects, mainly because it doesn’t have any ingredient. It’s like you’re just telling and convincing your conscious mind to stop. However, this does not control any possible physical withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking. This is also advised to be used as a final treatment, as a way of closing the therapy. It is best if you take smoking aids at the same time, for faster and better results.

Based on what is researched, one of the most recommended smoking cessations aids is Smoke Deter. It is effective and does not have any side effects. Experts say that it helps eliminate and control any possible cravings you have for nicotine. Nicotine addiction is just one hard habit to kick out. So I think taking this product, even if you’re on hypnotherapy, is the best one-two punch. Smoke Deter helps one resist smoke cravings. But of course it needs to be taken regularly and should be used as a long-term treatment.

Quit with hypnosis is good because it helps you to psychologically deal with your nicotine addiction. It is always great to have such program because you get to be counseled at the same time. But if you really want to ensure permanent quitting, I think you should also aid hypnosis with Smoke Deter. The combination of both psychological therapy and physical treatment will really help you break your smoking habit.