Idol Lash Reviews – Does it help you get better eyelashes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and there is nothing prettier than having your beautiful eyes stand out. Beautiful and natural eyelashes and eyebrows enhance the beauty in your eyes. Having stubby and thin eye lashes which break and fall continuously can be very frustrating.

The only solution to naturally grow longer eyelashes and have permanent darker and thicker eye brows and lashes which do not need you to apply mascara daily is idol lush. It has delivered the promise of beautiful long, dark and thick eyelashes and eyebrows within 2-4 weeks of usage.


This product has ingredients designed to work in five different ways to give you natural thick and eyelashes, here are:

  • Thickens
  • lengthens
  • adds moisture to your eyelashes
  • makes eyelashes less brittle
  • This product adds shine condition to your eyebrows and lashes.

Scientific trials done on it with 18 individuals shows that, up to 82% of the 18 individuals who took part in the trial got great within the span of 2-4 weeks. These individuals ended up with thicker, longer and fuller eyebrows and lashes.

This is the easiest product to use, instead of many applications daily like other products, with this product you only apply it ones. The applicator used to apply this fluid product is a small eyeliner brush designed to deliver the product at the eyelash base. This makes application of this product a breeze plus you can apply a layer of makeup on top of it and go about the day with no worries at all.

How do the ingredients in it?

The formulation cocktail used to create idol lash has includes vitamins, botanicals, minerals and multiple peptide. Each of these ingredients in the cocktail plays a key role to delivering natural eyebrows and lashes and the mixture is in perfect proportion to deliver results and also be safe for your skin and eyes.

The Vital vitamins and proteins ingredients fortify and rejuvenate your eyelashes. Panthenol works together with other minerals to rejuvenate your eyelashes with essential nutrients that provide shine, strength and enhance the growth of your eyelashes.

The potent polypeptides provide effective protection against eyelashes breakage and naturally enhance stronger, longer and thicker lashes. This polypeptides act as amplifiers for lashes and eyebrows growth. The rejuvenating and moisturizing agents add flexibility and shine to the lashes. These moisturizing agents help hydrate your lashes by locking in moisture in the lashes and thus improve there durability and elasticity.

The ingredients have been medically proven to work and approved through various trial tests for the safety and effectiveness of this product. The ingredients used are pure and natural and do not irritate your eyes incase they enter your eyes. Idol lash has been proven safe for individuals with sensitive eyes and also the ones who use eyelash extensions and contact glasses.


  • The ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes.
  • Many customers who have purchased this product have reported good results and positive feedbacks.
  • The company producing this product offers a 30 days money back guarantee and the tests which is very rare.
  • This product does not have any harsh ingredients like lanatoprost and bimatoprost an analogue of prostaglandin which are in various eyelash growth products. This product might be effective but have some side effects which are harsh to your eyes.
  • None of the ingredients used in this product is carcinogenic.
  • This product does not discolor your skin or iris like noted in other products.
  • It does not use any human growth hormone factors.
  • The cost of this item is very reasonable.
  • It is fragrance and Paraben free.
  • It has eyelash conditioner.


  • It is available only online.

Does it work?

Idol lash is the most popular eyelash growth product and the feedback given by the various users of this product indicates that this is the greatest innovation in cosmetics that provides the solution to longer eyelashes growth naturally.

The results shown on the clinical trials done prove that this product is consistent with its promises. It produces beautiful, shiny, long and thick eyelashes in a very short time.

Side effects

There is no known side effect for using this product, but it is recommended that you perform some skin tests before commencing usage of this product. This will make sure that you do not suffer any allergic reactions.