Is Almond Milk Good For You

Before talking about Almond Milk, let’s learn about the health benefits of Almonds. The nutritional benefits clearly display why almonds not only taste good but are also great for your health. Since they are packed with many essential and beneficial nutrients, you can never go wrong with eating a handful of almonds. They are also one of the most nutritious of all nuts. More and more people have become dedicated to having healthier lifestyles and making this kind of food a part of that equation.

Almonds Health Benefits

Following are some of the nutritional benefits :

  • Cancer Prevention – Because almonds are low in saturated fat and contain protective nutrients including calcium and magnesium for strong bones, vitamin E, and phytochemicals, they may help protect against cardiovascular disease and even cancer.
  • Loma Linda School of Public Health did a study that showed that those who consumed nuts five times a week had a 50% decrease in the chance of a heart attack.
  • One small ounce of almonds also contains 12 percent of your daily recommended value for protein. This little nut is packed with all kinds of minerals as well including phosphorous, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Almonds contain more magnesium than even oatmeal and spinach. Your daily serving of three ounces of almonds not only gives you 105 percent of your recommended value for vitamin E, but it also has all of the important vitamins and minerals that you need to improve your diet and fight disease.

Is Almond Milk Healthy

When coming to this question “Is It Good For You”, the short answer is yes. Nowadays, with all of the milk varieties out there, people might not know about the health benefits of almond milk. As the name suggests, it comes from almonds and has a light, fresh taste, somewhat similar to cow’s milk. It is a healthy and nutritious alternative. It has proven itself to be a great form of milk for those who are lactose intolerant. It is an extract of protein-rich almonds and contains more nutrients than other dairy alternatives. The most beneficial substances in the milk are the vitamins, minerals, and high levels of antioxidants. Like many other benefits of almonds, it is very good for you and your health.

It has a unique taste. It is very light, crisp, and nutty. A perfect use for this type of milk would be an additive for your coffee or wheat cream.

Some more benefits are for the human body. These benefits are best accessed by people who need to increase potassium and magnesium in their diets. It also benefits consumers with an excellent level of vitamin E. People can drink it in to keep their skin looking magnificent.

Another one of the benefits is more practical than health beneficial. Unlike other dairy products which need to stay at a cold temperature, it has practical storage requirements and does fine at room temperature. This makes the milk a great choice for trips or vacations.

The natural nutrients of almond milk are even better for you than soy milk. Soy milk contains more sugar than almond does. For those who can not drink milk, almond milk extract is a tasty alternative. It is even safe for those people who have milk allergies.

More Health Benefits

  • It is a good source of magnesium. It can help to break food down into usable energy.
  • Manganese can activate enzymes in the body. It and phosphorous help keep bones and teeth healthy.
  • Benefits of almonds also contain potassium which improve heart function to help maintain a normal blood pressure.
  • It has high levels of vitamin E.
  • Selenium in almonds is good for your immune system. It helps in the metabolism of thyroid and prevents cell and tissue damage.