Is It True Men Really Do Like A Lady In Red

Got a favourite red dress hiding in the back of your closet? If not, you should consider getting one before your next date — if you like the guy, that is. Recent studies have confirmed what that cheesy Chris DeBurgh song was all about — men really do dig a lady in red.

In fact, women who wear red aren’t just deemed more attractive — men are more likely to flirt with her and move closer. “Red is an aphrodisiac,” Andrew Elliot, one of the authors of the study, said to AOL News. To test this theory, Elliot and his colleagues showed 23 college-age males photos of a “moderately attractive” woman in either a red or blue top and asked to choose from a list of questions to ask the women. The woman in the red shirt recieved a much higher amount of flirtatious questions, such as “how could a guy get your attention at a bar?”

And in a second experiment, 22 male students were asked to talk to a woman in — again — either a red or blue shirt. Interestingly, the men had a tendency to sit closer to the woman in the red shirt. Several previous studies have proved that men find red attractive, but this study seems to be the first to show that men are likely to act on this attraction.

“These findings indicate that color not only has aesthetic value but can carry meaning and impact psychological functioning in subtle, important, and provocative ways,” the researchers said in the study, which is published in the European Journal of Social Psychology.

But why does the colour you wear matter so much? “Red is an indicator of sexual receptivity,” said Elliot, suggesting that the attraction to red could be an evolutionary function.

Wait a second — does that mean wearing red makes you look easy? Not exactly, researcher Niesta Kayser told The Daily Mail, but it could help you get a date. “Women may be particularly successful in online dating when they post a picture of themselves in red apparel,” she said, addng, “Women would do well to wear a red shirt or dress when preparing for a date with a desirable man.”

Though you needn’t rush to the mall for an all-red wardrobe just yet, having a few killer red outfits could never hurt, you know? Still, when it comes to dating, the best colour for you is the one you feel most comfortable in … and if that happens to be green or blue or yellow, so be it.