Lexapro Effectiveness: Does It Work

Antidepressant medications such as Lexapro are prescribed to over 70 million Americans with a gross earning to the pharmaceutical industries of 11.3 billion dollars each year. Could their effectiveness  be only a placebo? And more importantly if so much money is at stake could you trust the public would be told the truth? Firstly for those of you that don’t know lets go into what a placebo effect actually is.

The Placebo Effect

To put it short a placebo is when a patient is given something that they believe is going to help them, be it a sugar pill that they are told is medicine or something similar that has no medicinal properties what so ever and their symptoms either heal  completely or are drastically reduced simply because of the belief that something will help them! The power of the mind. You may have heard of monks walking across hot coals and the souls of their feet are not burnt at all, it is because they go into such a deep meditation that they manage to convince them selves without a doubt that they will be unharmed by the coals. What they believe becomes a reality.

Corporate greed

there are many natural alternatives to treat depression but the thing is you can’t put a patent on a plant. I have included a video below that highlights the skewed statistics and the facts that get with held about the findings of the effectiveness about particular drugs. It is sad that people who feel depressed are taken advantage of by company’s who are only there to make a profit especially when anti depressant drugs can be so addictive. If something has gone wrong in your life than it is natural to feel a bit down in the dumps but I don’t think drugs is are  going to fix that. And as always prevention is always better than a cure. If you have clinical depression you may have a chemical imbalance due to your diet or some sort of genetic reasons and I believe you should explore all of your options before resorting to drugs. The placebo effect may be based on something that doesn’t or shouldn’t work, but having said that a cure is a cure personally I think a cure without the side effects is the best option, but that is something that you need to decide…

Natural Alternatives To Generic Lexapro

Regrettably many people struggling with depression take medicines such as generic lexapro and endure side effects and don’t actually understand that there are organic non evasive treatments out there that have small to no unwanted effects. Mainstream modern medicine (allopathic) rely’s greatly on drugs, on treating symptoms rather then addressing the initial cause of the symptoms and because of the fact that most alternative medication is scarcely subsidized by governments. There is little to no research done on treatments that can not be patented. Therefore most  people are not informed and won’t seek an alternative they have no knowledge of.

There are various natural remedies for depression ranging through homeopathic, Chinese medication and herbalism. How successful the treatment/cure may be depends on the person there are also lots of issues that you are subjected to on a regular basis that might be influencing as well as creating your your feelings of sadness!  Read below to find a listing of remedies that may very well actually change your life;

Oriental Medication

When most folks hear of Chinese medicine they think what a whole lot of nonsense but current scientific study’s have proven that there’s a little more to it then what most might have realized. Modern science has backed up what Chinese doctors have known for thousands of years.  Chinese varies from contemporary medication with its holistic approach (seeing something as part of a whole)  that could explain why some might think about it as junk. The remedies contain a healthier diet, acupuncture (please don’t attempt this at home) acupressure and conventional Chinese herbs. See your Chinese doctor for what herbs may be of benefit to you. The edge of Oriental medicine is that it’s natural and you will see fewer and less unwanted side effects.


A healthier physique means a healthy mind and vice versa therefore in order to be stay in a happy state of mind you need to realize that processed foods, with all of their nasty additives are effecting you much more then you realize. All the harmful chemicals contained within them alter you brains chemical balance.  Half an hour of exercise each day is certainly going to be rather advantageous to you. Something you really need to keep clear of include  mercury not just is it a carcinogen it also effects the moods of some people and can turn you into a manic depressant. A Naturopath can do assessments to ascertain the levels of mercury contained in the body.

Where you will discover mercury? In the fillings in your teeth,  mercury form you fillings can leach in to your mouth and in to your bloodstream modifying the chemical makeup of your brain. So if you suffer from acute clinical depression that will be a good place to start. The deadly poison is also contained in vaccines. So decreasing the number of vaccinations you get can assist you with your mental health. Yet another supply for mercury is processed tuna thanks to pollution in the sea therefore step one would be to make actions toward eliminating mercury out of your body and assess if some of the above exists in you.

You can boost your consumption of omega three essential fatty acids (notice the word essential)  the most recognized  procedure for upping your intake of omega 3 is fish oil pills and some less known about supplements contain hemp seeds and chia seeds. You need to maintain it in a proportion 1 : 2 : 1 with omega 3, 6 and 9 oils when using omega oils. As it pertains to essential fatty acids the current western diet is terribly out of balance, this may explain the increase in circumstances of depression. Not to mention the stresses of modern day living. When considering fixing your equilibrium of EFA’s  hemp seed products are ideal,  because of the nearly perfect ratio of essential fatty acids, next comes  Chia seeds. Chia seeeds are additionally exceptionally large in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins!  Ginko Biloba is additionally advantageous in improving your moods. Make sure you look out for organic of the previously mentioned products…

St johns wort has additionally been confirmed to work well with some individuals when managing depression but you should be cautious if you are likely to consider that in combination with other medicines because it has been proven to conflict with them, consult your healthcare professional if you are going to take st johns wart with additional medicines.

Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathic medication is another less recognized kind of recovery that a lot of folks don’t  think about. But multiple results will be yielded by a quick search on line backing its reliability. Like Chinese remedies it may also work for stress. The listing of remedies are but not restricted to; Ignatia, Natrum mur, Sepia, Lachesis and Pulsatilla. You will have to consult with a registered Naturopathic physician to consider which therapy is best for your requirements. Naturopathic medicine may also be utilized along with drugs.

To summarize natural remedies are much better over time and don’t have as severe and as much side effects. Generic Lexapro and other prescription medication should only be utilized as the unfortunate reality of a final resort. Big Pharmaceutical organizations are privately owned and are just thinking about quarterly profit margins. Follow-up using what you have read about  in this post and you might successfully handle and maybe even prevent your blues…