Metformin For PCOS

Metformin is usually prescribed by doctors for a number of reasons. Most of the times, this drug is used for the treatment of diabetes, usually type 2 diabetes. At other times, it may also be used to treat obese patients. Furthermore, it is used in the treatment of patients who suffer from polycystic ovaries syndrome – PCOS, and as such there are no side effects found from using the drug to treat this particular syndrome. The article discusses the condition of this syndrome and the reasons for the occurrence of this problem in women. Moreover, it explains the reason why metformin can help to elevate the problem of PCOS without any adverse reactions.

Metformin and PCOS

Research has proved that one of every three women in the world have symptoms of PCOS. Around twenty percent of women have been reported to have polycystic ovaries. The general symptoms of PCOS include inconsistent menstruation cycles, extreme hair growth and failure to conceive. What adds more to the problem of PCOS is that around half of females who suffer from this problem also have diabetes. Women who suffer from PCOS gain weight and the likelihood of these women becoming obese goes up. Many doctors prescribe Metformin for the treatment of PCOS and assure the patients that there are no adverse effects.

PCOS occurs as a result of hormone transformations. There are two reasons why PCOS may occur. The first reason takes no external factor into account. Sometimes, the ovary may produce more testosterone without any sort of external pressure. More testosterone results in weight gain. However, most of the times, when diabetes patients take insulin or LH, then ovary start to produce additional testosterone.

There are generally two methods used for the treatment of PCOS. However, contrary to the use of Metformin drug, where there are no negative effects used in the treatment of PCOS, the other ways may have some side effects. The other way includes oral contraceptive pills to suppress the creation of excess testosterone. However, the pill may not prove to be the best cure. This is because it increases the chances of people getting overweight. Getting obese actually increases the risk of PCOS more. Another new attempt to cure this problem includes insulin axis. This manages the amount of glucose in the bloodstream of an individual and keeps the glucose resistant to insulin. This reduces the excess generation of testosterone. However, this method has also not proved to benefit many people. The use of metformin to treat PCOS produces no negative effects, and therefore can result in advantages to these women.

Metformin reduces testosterone levels in a woman, manages the monthly cycle of women quite efficiently and may also increase the prospect of fertility in women. Although there are no side effects of metformin, it will take some time before unwanted hair growth is stopped which occurs during PCOS. This prescription has the added benefit of reducing weight, although it is not primarily for this purpose. However, the greatest benefit of using this drug for the treatment of PCOS is that there are no negative effects except some intestinal problems which can be resolved in a number of days. However, to avoid any sort of metformin side effects to effectively treat PCOS, the medication has to be given carefully.

Metformin Side Effects Reported By Patients

People who taking Metformin must read below about these effects. The below list will show you the adverse reactions reported by patients. Please read it carefully and remember next time when you see a doctor, do ask what are the negative effects of the pills he providing to you.

Common reported:

Most common and most frequent side effects reported by the patients includes diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, gastric problems, indigestion, weakness, headache and abdominal or stomach discomfort. Several allergies like hives, rashes and swelling of face, mouth, tongue or lips have also been frequently reported among the consumers of Metformin. Most common one reported by the patients is diarrhea that has been reported in 9.6% of the patients under the treatment. Second most frequently reported side effect is nausea and vomiting which is found in almost 6.5% of the patients.

Serious Side Effcts of Metformin:

Few side effects of metformin become serious and must be reported to the doctor or medical man as soon as possible. These include the following:

  • Several people generate the lactic acidosis by taking Metformin which is life threatening condition. People who have liver or kidney diseases, severe infections, congestive heart failure, dehydration and if they are in taking too much alcohol, they are more likely to be affected by the adverse effects caused by lactic acidosis.
    Lactic acidosis result in causing the following effects: muscle pain, stomach pain, breathing difficulty, dizziness, feeling cold, tiredness and weakness, irregular heartbeats and lightheadedness.
  • Other serious side effect can be high blood sugar. So if patient is encountering the symptoms of high blood sugar like increased thirst, hunger, urination, blurred vision, shortness of breath, fatigue or vomiting should consult the doctor immediately.
  • Low blood sugar may also be resulted from in taking Metformin. So if the patients are facing problems like shakiness, sweating, dizziness, hunger, cold sweating, irritation, blurry vision, difficulty speaking, loss of coordination, confusion and seizures like chest pain must report to the doctors.

Rarely reported:

Rarely reported side effects that have been encountered by 1 to 5 percent of the patients are: abnormal stools, taste change, pains in muscles, dizziness, nail problems, breathing problem, increased sweating, flu, fever, weakness, rapid breathes and flushing.

No medical man and doctor can predict the side effect beforehand that is why the patients must be careful themselves and report if they are facing any of the above mentioned problems.


If patient is generating the lactic acidosis and if he or she is the patient of diabetes type 2, liver disease, history of heart disease; he or she must not take Metformin and inform the doctor about these problems. Patients must also in take the medication as prescribed by the doctor. The Metformin effects will be increased when in-taken in high dosages. That is why it must be taken in with the appropriate amount. Once remind again, you have to careful with these negative effects.