Phentermine Without Prescription

Obesity and weight loss are surely most common problems for some and you may not be prepared for any weight loss program. This is when you should begin to take an interest in Phentermine. The medication was used for weight loss long ago. Now it is not popular as the others but still is widely used by large amount of people with overweight.

What is Phentermine?

It is a white crystalline powder, a derivative of amphetamine, prescription drug. Its main effect is the designing to suppress appetite. Phentermine is included in a list of strong medicines to be controlled. The medicine reduces the appetite and affects the certain sections of the brain which are responsible for appetite, like amphetamine. It is prescribed to patients with obesity and substitutes the surgery.

The drug is usually used for cure of overweight and obesity quit for long. First researches were conducted in 1968. There were involved 108 women who took drugs for 6 months including the alternation of the one month. Researches had shown the weight loss of 13%.

Why it is Prescription Drug

Belong to the group of Amphetamine drugs, Phentermine is a psychoactive medication that can affect your brain and central nervous system in order to suppress appetite. It will make patients be addictive if he or she take the drug for a long time.

In the USA, you should have a legal order from the doctor if you want to use this drug. It is a prescription medication and not OTC drug, so you can’t buy it from the pharmacy unless you have an official document.

Why Doctor Does Not Give a Prescription for Phentermine?

There are 2 main reasons why physicians will not prescribe this medication:

• This reject can be caused by your health condition. Phentermine, for example, should not be prescribed to patients with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, eye diseases, epilepsy and other disorders.

Your doctor can also refuse to prescribe it to you if you are too anxious, currently treat your depression with monoamine oxidize inhibitors, pregnant, nursing or have thyroid troubles. In case you have any of these problems, you can make them worse by taking this drug.

Talk to doctor on what you should do. Maybe doc will allow you taking Phentermine 15 mg. This is the smallest dosage of this medication that is safer and leads to less possible side effects than 30 mg, and much weaker than Phentermine 37.5 mg.

• Another reason why you aren’t able to get the prescription might be your little degree of obesity. For example, if you plan to get rid of 15-20 pounds, your physician will not allow you taking this medication. In order to get this drug, one needs to lose 30-40 or more pounds to improve your health.

Is it Possible to Get Phentermine Prescription Online?

Obtaining a legal prescription for a powerful drugs like Phentermine through an online form is a myth. If the doctor not sees the patient he can not make a correct diagnosis.

What to Do If You Can’t Get Official Prescription?

In case your doctor is sure that Phentermine is not your medication, the best thing you can do is to agree with Professional.

Buying Phentermine Without Prescription

Be informed before buying it online:

FDA Warning – Buying Phentermine Without Prescription is Illegal.

According to FDA website you are not allowed to buy specific stimulants, such as Phentermine without your doctor face-to-face prescription.

In case the FDA find the medication that you bought online without prescription when the tablets arrive in customs – they confiscated them and returned to the seller. In this case, you will receive an mail warning about this. Usually, these drugs are imported to the USA from other counties, which is the violation of law.

Such buying Phentermine without prescription is not only against the law, but also is very harmful to your health. The American Medical Association and state boards of medicine and pharmacy consider prescriptions, established in the Internet by numerous sites as dangerous and immoral. There is a chance to receive a pills, which is not appropriate for you, without instruction of right dosage limit. It can also be already expired and out of use.

FDA is doing its best to stop such outlaw websites where people can buy Phentermine online no prescription, and has already achieved good results.

How to Get Phentermine Without a Prescription

Because it is a controlled substance obtaining it without an official document can be a little more difficult than most drugs.  Many online websites offer free consultations to help decide if this medication is right for you.  The consultations online show what a normal prescription for Phentermine looks like so you can know how often the drug should be taken, and how many doses can be taken for certain body sizes.  When getting this drug online if saves you the time, money, and embarrassment of visiting your doctor to get a prescription which they may not prescribe. To obtain it online without a prescription you must visit a online pharmacy that sells Phentermine and:

  • Fill out a health form online
  • Offer online doctor’s consultation
  • Based on your answers the physician will make a decision on whether to approve or decline your request.

Some sites even offer phentermine without a consultation.  This is the most illegal way to get the drug and you never know what your really going to get with these pills.  However they can still be reached from these certain pharmaceutical sites.

The Conclusion:

Phentermine is a prescription and you will need to have a prescription filled out online by one of your doctors. This medication has been approved and is controlled by the FDA. This is a power alternative to dieting alone and it may not work for everyone, but it does work for some people. The idea of Phentermine prescriptions is to control or restrict the used of medication that can be highly addictive.

Also, from the regulations you can feel a lot safer using the product for your weigh loss help. If you will need to have the medication you need to review the information on the drug so that you understand exactly what you are purchasing and what the medication can do for you.

Before buying, you will want to consult your doctor so that you know that there won’t be any medical reactions. Since everyone has a different medical history or background, everyone needs to give his or her history so that you know that you can take or you can’t take the medication.

When you consult your doctor, you need to think about the plan that you will follow and the goal that you wish to achieve. You need to consult a doctor to help you with the decision of purchasing online.