Pooping Blood

Pooping blood is not as uncommon as you might think but it can be a very scary thing. REMEMBER, It is very likely to be a sign that you have piles (hemorrhoids) and not a more serious condition like bowel problems or symptoms of bowel cancer.

According to the piles, some can clear up by themselves, but in other cases, it can turn into bleeding piles, which are more serious. The best way to prevent it from bleeding is to cure piles itself, and get rid of bloody poop entirely. Both internal and external piles can bleed. But don’t worry too much, it is quite easy to cure hemorrhoids.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is extremely serious. You can determine if you have internal bleeding by the color of the blood.

Bright red blood means the blood cells were exposed to oxygen before they died. The function of the blood cells is to bind to oxygen molecules within the lungs and transport oxygen throughout the body. When the cells bind with oxygen, they appear the bright red color we all expect from blood.

For example, when you have a cut the blood is bright red. As the blood emerges from the wound, the cells are still alive. They continue to perform their duty and bind to oxygen in the air has they emerge from the wound. For pooping blood, this means the bleeding occurred as you had a bowel movement. The most likely cause is a hemorrhoid.

Dark or black blood is a sign of internal bleeding. This means either the blood cells died, or the blood is lacking oxygen. The dead cells no longer bind oxygen molecules. If you had internal bleeding in the digestive track, the environment lacked oxygen. In addition, the blood may have spent enough time in the intestine that the cells died.

If you see dark or black blood, seek medical help as soon as possible and explain the symptoms to them.

Pooping Blood-What is Going On?

We can see blood in poop in various conditions and the situation of an ailment can be differing accordingly. As an example, one can have fresh blood in poop, and another can have discolored blood. Though the symptoms are same, the severity of the situation is different. If you have fresh blood in poop, that means your internal wound is not yet recovered, and it still bleeding. So you need to be extra careful and need to seek the medical attention at your earliest. It will help you to find some solution to stop bleeding and recover from the situation.

Anyway, if you get discolored brownish or black blood in poop, you need to be extremely careful as the bleeding has occurred some time ago. Therefore, the internal bleeding might not be stopped, and you may have several internal wounds. So you should need to be much careful.

As I said above, if you have bright red blood after a bowel movement, chances are you’ve got hemorrhoids too. Studies have shown that 80% of people will experience them or a related problem in their lifetime.

They are enlarged and swollen veins in the lower part of the rectum. Generally they are painful and hard lumps. When you have a bowel movement, they are the source of the blood. The symptoms of the condition are listed below.

»  Red blood in the bowl on the toilet paper
»  Pain while passing stool
»  An ache or pain in the rectal area while sitting
»  Itching in the rectal area

Blood In Poop: Treat It Now

Hemorrhoids has to be the most irritating of medical problems. They are so painful and it is so obvious! When you sit down and cringe at dinner and do not say anything, You only wish you could cure hemorrhoids!

Relieving the problem and knowing how to treat hemorrhoids is not always easy. Some times treating hemorrhoids is as simple as applying ice packs. As time goes on the treatment for hemorrhoids can get more intense.

There are site baths where you put your bottom through a good flushing with natural herbs that lesson the severity but still don’t cure hemorrhoids properly.

When piles get really bad sometimes they have to be taken out surgically. What hemorrhoids are is actually a varicose vein in or outside of the rectum. Surgically removing them is the only way to know you can really cure hemorrhoids so that they will never come back.

But that is the most severe of all ways to cure hemorrhoids. It works but there are ways to cure hemorrhoids without surgery. One common old treatment is using witch hazel pads or witch hazel on a cotton ball and apply to the area. This method has been used for years.

The best way to treat hemorrhoids and rid bloody poop is to change your lifestyle. Make sure that you eat your daily fiber and exercise at least a couple times a week. Circulation is the key to being regular. Constipation is not your friend! It wreaks havoc with your hemorrhoids and to alleviate this is the best way for you to be relieved and help with treating hemorrhoids.

Short Video

Here is a short video from Doctor Susan Jewell. It runs about two minutes.

How to Do if you Have Bloody Poop

If you see blood in your poop, then you will have to follow various precautions to control the situation, and it will be good for you. As an example, you will have to control your diet, and you will have to reduce spicy and oily foods as they can expand the internal wounds and bleeding. If you do so, you will be able to get some relief from the situation, and you will be able to recover accordingly.

Additionally, you need to stick into the guidance and the instructions provided by your medical practitioner in order to achieve best results. Like other medical treatments, you need to pay more attention to the situation if you want to achieve results in a very shorter time period. If you do so, it can make you satisfactory results in a very reasonable time period, and you will never be disappointed about the money which you spend on the procedure.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind, if you don’t take medicine on time the condition can be worse than you have ever imagined. The condition can be leading into a cancer condition, and you may not like to that. Therefore, you should always try to take medical attention and control the situation at the very first time you get to know that you are having such internal bleeding issue. If you stay in touch with the recommendations made by your medical practitioner, then you will never be disappointed due to your bad health conditions.

Finally, you should keep in mind that this is a recoverable ailment, and it only requires a little closer attention. So you should be prepared to do that kind of sacrifice if you want to achieve results effectively. I am sure none of you will hesitate to do such sacrifices as we all do consider about our own healthiness & comfort of our life.