Should You Give Up Soap?

Would you give up soap? You may not think it’s such a great idea, but Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, authors of ‘No More Dirty Looks,’ say taking on a no-soap challenge could save your skin.

Q: What is the no-soap challenge?

Alexandra: We’re asking our readers to go without soap (and body wash) for at least five days and to tell us what happens.

Siobhan: Writing and researching ‘No More Dirty Looks’ made us realize conventional wisdom isn’t always king when it comes to beauty. There is absolutely no reason why your kneecaps and your tummy need to be soaped into oblivion every single day!

Q: Why are you encouraging people to try this? What’s your beef with soap?

A: No beef with soap. We both still use soap, just sparingly. And we’ve seen major improvements in our skin since we’ve stopped lathering head-to-toe. Showering daily can be drying, especially in the winter — and especially in Canada! So we hope this is a fun (and funny) way to open people’s eyes to some soap-free benefits.

S: Also, so many soaps and washes are loaded with fragrances and other irritants that can provoke skin rashes and even dreaded bacne. There’s research that suggests our skin, like our digestive system, benefits from “good bacteria” and not being overly clean.

Q: Is all-natural soap problematic, too?

A: Less so because the ingredients are simple and generally less irritating — especially if there is no fragrance, natural or not. But it can still be drying.

Q: What results are you expecting people to discover?

A: Hopefully, those who take on our challenge will discover hydrated skin and that, to a certain degree, the body can self-clean. Which is not to say it’s a bad idea to help it out with some soap every now and then (given that most of us trudge around dirty cities all day). It’s cool to see you can go without soap and not turn into Pig-Pen. And maybe, in general, you don’t need as much of it as you think.

S: The barrier to ditching soap is really just mental. We, as in humans, tend to believe forgoing it makes us gross… Or something. But it doesn’t! We’d love to see more people experience that for themselves.

Q: Are you hoping people will kick their soap habits for good?

S: Absolutely! As with all of our challenges, we’re making the point that less is more when it comes to looking and feeling your best!

An Ediotr’s Review Here:

Many years ago a young nurse told me that people use way too much soap – especially on their faces. She told me to wash my hands with soap (plus areas that were actually physically dirty and needed the soap to get clean), but that just clear water was the best way to clean everything else. I’ve been doing that for years now and I’m just as clean as everyone else – and even cleaner than some that I’ve met.

All of the hype over cleaning products of every type and antibacterial cleaners in particular has gotten way out of hand. We all need a little dirt and some bacteria in our lives to keep us healthy and to help us to build up our immunities to fight off some of the nasty bugs that are out there.