Six Eco-Friendly Gifts for Yogis

If you are looking for a few creative gifts for the Yogi (aka yoga enthusiast/participant) in your life, look no further than these top 5 eco-friendly gift ideas.

1. Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat: Look for a mat made of natural rubber and cotton, as well as biodegradable. A good example of this is the Natural Rubber Yoga Mat from BC-based company LOTUSWEAR.

2. Yoga Bag: If you are a knitter or a sewer, this is a great opportunity to put your shears, needles and hands to work. Check out a few commercial bags to get your ideas brewing, and then put your crafting skills to work. (If you want some inspiration, take a look at these photos of yoga bags.) Keep in mind that a typical yoga mat is 24″ X 68″ and about 1/4 ” thick. A handmade gift is always appreciated and can be personalized to suit your yogi’s taste. And as a bonus, it’s budget-friendly, too!

3. Yoga Strap: A yoga strap is a very useful (and inexpensive) tool for the beginner to advanced yogi. A yoga strap is between 6 to 9 feet long and should include a buckle. Although it is typically made of cotton, look for one made from hemp for a more eco-friendly option.

4. Yoga Block: A yoga block is typically 9″ X 6″ and about 3″-4″ high. Used on all sides to obtain different heights, yoga blocks help with stability, alignment and depth. Look for bricks made of cork, wood or bamboo. If you are into woodworking, handmade yoga bricks would be a very special gift. (Be sure to check out a few commercial blocks before you start sawing and sanding, though.)

5. Yoga Bolster: A yoga bolster is a cylinder-shaped pillow, approximately two feet long. Yogis sit on the bolster for seated postures or place the bolster under various places of the body when performing lying down postures (i.e. under the knees to support the back). A yoga bolster can also be another simple, ‘do it yourself’ gift. Choose a sturdy organic cotton or bamboo fabric and stuff with cotton or buckwheat, or go very eco and stuff it with recycled materials like old towels, sweaters or old sheets. More information on sewing your own yoga bolster can be found here.

6. Eye Pillow: An eye pillow helps yogis during meditation to aid in creating darkness. For additional relaxation eye pillows can be infused with aromatherapy. This is another DIY item — check out this handy step-by-step guide.

Above all, keep in mind that many yogis like to have a ‘uniqueness’ about them. The more creative you are with these ideas, the more appreciated they will be!