Small Bathtubs Review

When people are deciding to update their small bathroom they hit upon a common problem which is the decision to install or not install a small bathtub. There are usually  two ways to get around this conundrum. You can either scrap the idea of installing a small bathtub and save the space for enlarging your shower enclosure are creating more storage space. The other option is to go ahead with installing one.

Although diminutive in size small bathtubs are definitely worth the time and investment. When fitted properly they can offer just as many benefits as their bigger cousins. Here are a things that you may not have a realized about small bathtubs.

They Make You Feel Great

Showers are great. They are quick and convenient and do the job of getting you clean. However, when you arrive back home after a stressful day in the office with your body aching, your shoulders and feet are stiff the only thing that is going make you relax is a good soak in nice hot bath. Just the thought of it makes you feel relaxed. Soaking in your small bathtub with your favorite soothing salts will soon soothe away your aches and tension from your muscles. In a way its a form of therapy and it is great for your health. Try and get the same effect with a shower!

If you have the time to take a one each day that’s great because not only does it relieve aching muscles it also benefits conditions like  arthritis and rheumatism and similar joint problems. It is also great for improving your mood.

Optimizing Space

Small size bathtubs compared to larger ones enable you to create more space in small bathrooms.  This space can be optimized to create a number of different design options. For example with the space saved you can increase the area of your shower enclosure and upgrade it to a walk in shower cubicle  like the ones you see in the fancy 5 star hotels. Alternatively you can use small size bathtubs with an over head shower that is built into the wall. By combining matching accessories such as a polished chrome Kohler faucet you can create really stunningly cool and contemporary look.

Small corner bathtubs are great at optimizing space as they are snuggly installed into the corner. The space saves can offer you more storage space options. For example you can plan to create built in or concealed cupboards and shelves to store towels and toiletries. Another option is to use the extra space to fit a matching small countertop or install a  modern vertical heated towel rails.

Small bathtubs for small bathrooms

When choosing a tub for a you have to be very clear about what you are going to use it for. Because the length is shorter than a standard sized bath it will be difficult to submerge most of your body in water unless you are a very short person. Because of its limited length it is best to choose a deep soaking tub as this will enable you to cover most of your body in water.

These types of tubs  are also great for the kids as the deep sides prevents too much of the splashed water getting on to the floor. However, when bathing children in a deeper tub ensure you do not fill it to deep. The water level should only be around 8 inches and as always the children should be supervised throughout bath time.

Some small size bathtubs come with a walk in door.This product has a sealed hinged door that opens and you walk into the tub and then you close the door. The right side door is sealed so that no water leaks out. They usually include a seat so that you can comfortably sit in it while having your relaxing hot soak. This product is great for the elderly or people who lack of mobility to climb into the standard shaped tub due to conditions like arthritis, rheumatism or joint pain.

Small bathtub sizes can range from 1.2 m in length for the sit in variety.  However, the small corner tub is great if you have not enough length but plenty of width. These are generally about 1.5 m in length however, as the soaking area is angled it can be longer than the standard  small bath. In terms of width these can begin from 800 mm upwards.

If you are deciding whether or not to install one then your final decision will probably have an influence when it comes to selling your house. Most people prefer a bath particularly families with kids (remember bath time). A home without a bath could lower the value as well increasing the time it takes to sell your house.