Suzanne Somers Diet

Aside from that fact that it is formulated by a famous personality, the Suzanne Somers Diet is also gaining popularity in the market for being one of the most trusted plans by several celebrities in Hollywood.

How Did this plan Came Into Picture?

Suzanne Somers, one of the famous names in Hollywood, has gone more than just acting, for she extended her career towards the fitness and weight loss industry. For several years now, she has been an advocate of weight reduction, and is known for formulating weight loss plans and diet strategies. Her latest entry is the Suzanne Somers Diet, also known as Somersizing. This diet plan is another breakthrough in the weight loss industry, and it is included in the long list of low carb high protein diets. Although it is not as severe as some other diets in this same nature, it is the kind of fat burner plan that bans several unhealthy foods as well. Basically, the idea behind this plan is food combination and by means of eliminating sugar and white flour in your meal plan, as much as possible.

What Is the Suzanne Somers Diet Plan?

The plan is being broken down into two levels – the first level is the initial stage of the diet point while the second level is the maintenance stage. The program encourages the dieter to eat about five to six smaller meals all throughout the day, instead of the usual three meals. The size of the meal is not really as important, but what is important is combination of the foods included in the diet plan.

As with other diets in the market, water consumption is being encouraged under the plan and you are prohibited to drink any forms of liquid that contains more than 10 calories.

More About

The diet includes a wide variety of unique recipes that makes it even more interesting. When you are under the program, you are limited to no more than 1200 calories a day, which, according to USDA guidelines is a kind of starvation diet. Nevertheless, a lot of people could attest that such program is far from being a starvation diet.  The diet is basically low in fiber and junk foods consumption is a no-no in this plan.

What makes this plan interesting is the fact that it does not encourage exercise. According to Suzanne Somers, she herself has not gone through any rigorous workout exercises just to maintain the kind of body that she currently has. For her, following her plan strictly is just enough for you to be able to achieve the goal for losing weight.

The Concept of the Plan

You know there are two phases on this diet from above. On the first phase, the focus was on weight loss, where you will be advised to lessen your intake of all those “funky foods”. Examples of these foods are sugar, honey, maple syrup, sweet potatoes, banana, nuts, yoghurt, whole milk and many more.

A lot of foods that needs to be eliminated are those that have high glycemic index, and the main reason why these foods have to be avoided is to keep the blood glucose levels stable in order to allow more fats to be burned by your body.

The Food Combining Principle

Food combining principles is also the main focus of the diet. The foods are divided into four food groups – proteins/fats, the carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. The rules on food combination are laid down below:

1. Just eat purely fruits even when your stomach is empty.

2. Mix veggies with fats and proteins but make sure that no carbohydrates are added.

3. Combine the carbohydrates with vegetables but there should be no fats.

4. Wait for 3 hours in between meals of different combinations.

Aside from adhering to such food combination principle, it is also highly advised to eat small meals more frequently and to eat at least three square meals in a daily basis. There are no precise guidelines needed to be followed on this, but make sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol on the first phase of the program.

The second phase of the diet is focused on maintaining weight reduction, where you will be asked to include red wine and chocolate in your diet. But Suzanne Somers emphasized that they must be consumed in moderation and you have to be lenient when it comes to combining foods for your diet.

Exercise Is Not Recommended

Unlike most program, the diet does not give importance to regular exercise. This might come as a shock to you, but Suzanne Somers herself said that she has not gone to the gym when she had this diet. But she highly suggests doing aerobic exercises three times in a week however. She would also recommend the use of home fitness equipment like the thigh master.

My Review

As we mentioned above, Suzanne Somers is a well known actress, author and health advocate. One of her most recent forays is the arena of weight loss and fitness. This isn’t the first time she has entered it. She was the creator of the popular ThighMaster personal fitness products and the Suzanne Somers EZ GYM. Her Sexy Forever online weight loss program is her newest weight-reduction related product. It has been sweeping the web, helping people eager to lose weight, do so. Below, you will find our review.

One of the best things our review found is that the plan is customizable. Individuals are able to create a plan that works specifically for them. So many dieting plans or diet books take a one-size-fits-all approach. The authors of these plans treat everyone like they are the same, requiring the same of each person. This is partly why so many programs fail. Everybody is different and while the basics are same for every one (burning more calories then one takes in leads to losing weight), not everyone will be successful using the exact same approach.

This weight loss plan takes this into account and offers a plan that is customized to the specific person. We found that those who want to lose weight fast but in a manner that is safe, should take a good hard look at this diet plan. Aside from being customizable, the program is designed in such a way that it fully equips the dieter to lose weight. Dieters will be given a ton of great information and the tools necessary to take the weight off.

Sexy Forever

One of the most common reasons people fail to lose weight is because they have no idea what they are doing wrong. They attempt to drop those extra pounds by following antiquated guidelines and information. The result is often frustration and failure to reduce weight. The Suzanne Somers diet remedies the aforementioned by helping you understand why they aren’t losing weight. It works by uncovering those obstacles that keep many people from developing the body they desire. This plan focuses specifically on women over 40 who constantly fight irregular hormones, stubborn belly fat, bloating and a host of other weight-related issues. My review found that Sexy Forever will:

  • Allow women over 40 to take control of their lives.
  • Give women over 40 many different solutions based on their individual lifestyle and situation
  • Helps women to develop more self-confidence.
  • Helps women over 40 understand the role between their environment, dietary choices and hormones and how each plays a role in her weight issues.

In order to begin the process, individuals are asked to fill out the free quiz offered at the website. This information will be used to build one’s dieting plan.


The Suzanne Somers plan is an excellent option for those that have tried a myriad of diet plans in the past to no avail. This particular program is unique in that it helps individuals overcome many of the weight loss obstacles that have tripped them up in the past. Hopefully, after reading this review, you will have a better idea if whether or not it’s for you.