The Worst Gym Mistakes You Can Make

When it comes to mistakes at the gym, world-class trainer Andy O’Brien has seen it all.

What’s the worst thing anyone can do? Ignore fitness fundamentals.

“People have a tendency to do a lot of exercises without… being mindful of how simple you need to be in the beginning before you move into anything complicated,” he says.

Before you attempt expert yoga poses or intense workout regimens, perfect the basic moves and find simple ways to improve on them.

Here are some other common — and dangerous — mistakes.

Not Warming Up
Everyone remembers warming up in high school gym class, but as we get older we tend to forget about the stretching and readying our muscles for a workout.

“Warming up is more than just swinging your arms around in a couple of circles. It’s really doing a progressive warm up that may sometimes take longer than the workout itself,” O’Brien says.

If you have an hour and a half to exercise, take 45 minutes to warm up then have a 45-minute workout. Start by walking on a treadmill and then gradually increase the intensity to a jog and then a sprint.

Bad Technique
When exercising, some people go through the motions without focusing on proper technique. They even pursue trendy exercises without thinking about the way it will affect the body.

“The fundamental flaw with training comes from people who think about an exercise, but not the movement itself,” adds O’Brien.

For instance, some people arch their back to gain balance instead of using their abs to stabilize their spine. This puts pressure on the joints, which can lead to back problems and bad posture.

Wearing the Wrong Clothes
Working out in cheap sneakers doesn’t cut it for an effective workout. The clothes you wear can seriously affect your range of motion, balance and overall health.

O’Brien recommends ZigTech apparel, which his trainee Sidney Crosby wears while exercising. Reebok designed the jackets, shorts, shirts and pants to increase the body’s oxygen levels by about seven per cent — the line also increases energy.

Eating Poorly
Many people believe they need to eat less to get an athlete’s lean physique. But eating well before exercising is healthier.

“Food fuels the body and helps prepare you to train, but it’s the refined foods that really get you into trouble like artificial sugars, refined carbohydrates, refined fats, processed fats and artificial ingredients,” O’Brien says.

Mastering the basics will prepare you to exercise the way athletes do.

Author by Jacqueline Delange

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Happy Me! I don’t need to go to gym, I don’t need to drive to anywhere! I have all my gym equipment home, I have a bike, I’m used to go shopping by foot or by bike, I have my Pilates ball, all Pilates-yoga equipment home; besides, I have my skates to burn extra calories. Definitely, I don’t need to go to gym anymore. And if I need to swim, I have a pool!!! Besides, I live surrounded by farms, nature, no factories, no pollution around me. Jesus Christ! I am SO blessed! Henceforth, I will not complain about my life anymore. I have so much! This article helped me to make peace with God.