Top 10 Foods to Keep You Looking Younger

According to UK newspaper the Daily Mail, supermodel Kate Moss was rather horrified at how haggard she appeared in photos of her sunbathing on a yacht in Saint Tropez. We don’t know if the photos are real or if the story is true, but apparently, in an effort to turn back the clock, she has recently started the “10 years younger” diet plan.

Of course, no diet can turn back the clock entirely but given that you are what you eat, the right foods can certainly help you age more gracefully.

Here are our top 10 picks:

Food: Wild Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Helps: Keep skin firm and preserve elasticity
How?: Omega-3 fatty acids contain valuable oils that help impede wrinkles and moisturize dry aging skin. Omega-3 helps improve the structure of the skin, calming inflammation and protecting collagen Alan Logan a naturopathic doctor and author of The Clear Skin Diet (Cumberland, 2008) told Chatelaine magazine.

Food: Spinach
Helps: Keep eyes sparkling and clear
Years of exposure to harmful sunlight can damage the retina of your eyes. Karen Ansel, a registered dietitian notes that spinach is high in zeaxanthin and lutein, nutrients that are essential for the retina. These nutrients absorb harmful sun light preventing it from causing long term damage. Spinach also contains vitamin K which is excellent for the bones.

Food: Yogurt
Keep your smile beautiful
The calcium and phosphorus in yogurt enhances tooth enamel which helps minimize cavities and maintain a bright healthy smile, Lisa Drayer, a beauty nutritionist and author of The Beauty Diet (McGraw-Hill, 2008) told Canadian Living. She also notes that the probiotics in yogurt aid in digestion, ensuring your gut remains in tip top shape.

Food: Oysters
Hair and nails
The zinc in oysters encourages nail and hair growth, Drayer says. Zinc in general is good for keeping you beautiful. It also renews and repairs skin.

Food: Almonds
Karen Ansel, a registered dietitian notes that almonds contain sought-after vitamin E, which helps keep you agile and physically active by defusing the free radicals in your muscles and nervous system.

Food: Chocolate (specifically cacao)
Helps: Keeps skin hydrated and smooth
Cacao no longer needs to be a guilty pleasure, it’s chock full of antioxidants to make your skin healthy. New research suggests that cacao keeps skin hydrated and smooth by improving the blood flow and circulation and reducing hypertension.

Food: Water
Helps: General hydration
Every tissue, cell and organ in your body is made of water and needs water to survive. Women’s Fitness notes that aging and deterioration of the body happens at a faster rate when it is not properly hydrated. Be sure to drink at least six glasses of water a day.

Food: Watermelon
Prevent aging
The flesh contains vitamin A, B and C. Even the seeds are good for you. They contain essential fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E. All of these help fight free radical damage and aging, Women’s Fitness reports.

Food: Honey
Minimizes the effects of aging
The enzymes in honey have the same antiseptic qualities as does hydrogen peroxide. It’s been reported that this is what gives honey its healing properties, researchers in Germany have noted. Not only does it heal the body, honey also contains large amounts of anti-oxidants that are instrumental for fighting the effects of aging. But not all honey is created equal – and you should be mindful of which you are consuming.

Food: Red Wine
Helps: Slows cellular aging
Red wine contains resveratrol which seems to mimic the effects of calorie restriction to combat aging a new study says as reported in The Daily Mail. Reducing calories increases lifespan and alters the influence gene activity on age.

Author by Margo Varadi