Warrior Diet Review

“The average diet plan gets you average results, and the average result is usually nothing”. At best, a temporary weight loss followed by a rebound. You’re left feeling like you failed, just as heavy as before and even less motivated. This is true for most diets, but not the Warrior Diet.

What is Warrior Diet

This diet does not mean you are a Warrior, but was derived from Warriors. Obviously a large reason for Romans and Athens being ripped, was because of their lifestyle, not mainly because of their diet.  Even though they did not eat like we do today. They would eat nuts and berries during the day, and every night they would feast. Obviously every roman didn’t have this luxury, but the ones who did, were the most fit. You may not be able to train like a warrior, but you sure can eat like one.

The idea of this diet is to eat light during the day, and you have a 4 hour window of time to eat whatever you want at night. The nuts and berries do a great job at bringing your digestive system back to life, and at night you can always look forward to a great meal. You should save money here depending on your current lifestyle. If you’re the person who buys Subway, and Wendy’s on your lunches, you will most definitely save money here.

This regimen plan is also designed to give you more energy, more than you will ever see on a eat all day diet. Because of the light feeding stage, you’re not forcing your digestive system to work hard all day. This results in your sluggish feelings, or as a 5-hour energy commercial would refer to as the 2 o’clock crash. Obviously boredom would result in feeling tired, so try not to confuse crashing with boredom. I almost never crash now, when before I would have to nap every day coming home from work. After I’d eat my lunch I’d feel like a balloon running out of helium. Nobody likes this feeling and the Warrior Diet counteracts this.

The Further Introduction

Yes, I know you’ve heard the ‘this diet is different’ line before. It’s the same line that every diet uses to lure you in. So I’m going to do something different. I’m going to give you the facts about the Warrior Diet and let you decide whether or not it really is different, and whether or not it will give the health and fitness you’ve been looking for.

Where most diets go wrong is that they ask you to do things that either your body or your mind simply doesn’t want to do. If you’re a big eater, you’re not going to be happy with tiny meals every two hours. Likewise, you body isn’t going to be happy if you drop all the fat from your diet, or try to scale back thee calories to levels that wouldn’t sustain your average housecat.

The fundamental principle of Warrior Diet is built on is periods of under eating mixed with periods of overfeeding. Basically, you eat little during the day and have a large meal at night. It’s both that simple and that profound.

Think about the lifestyle of your average caveman, who you share your genes with. Do you think, when he was out stalking a wooly mammoth that he ate meals every two hours, or do you think he ate a little bit of what he found and then a whole lot of mammoth when he was able?

My Personal Opinion for This Diet

Fundamentally, the Warrior Diet is designed to work with the body. Your body is designed to balance periods of light eating with big meals. Your hormones and your genes know it. It’s the culture that doesn’t and asks you to eat in a way that isn’t natural.

With this meal plan, you aren’t required to stick to strict rations of protein, fat or carbs, nor even a specific range of calories. What you do need to do is get in touch with what the body is already telling you it needs, and eating on the right schedule will make your body a lot more forgiving about what you actually eat.

On Warrior Diet meal plan, you’ll be eating the foods that your body needs, without trying to figure out whether you got forty percent carbs or two thousands calories or any of the other calculations that will make regular diets fail. You just need to make sure you’re eating foods that are close to the natural foods the body is designed to eat, and your body will tell you what to eat and how much of it.

Eat a little through the day. Eat a lot for your dinner. Eat things that are mostly unprocessed and unaltered by men. Don’t count macro-nutrients or calories. Listen to your body, follow the diet plan philosophy and you’ll lose weight while gaining health and vitality.

My Review: All The Items You’ll Need

When people search new and explorative ideas, they want to know as much information as possible. Searching for the Warrior Diet should be no different. Here I will tell you everything you need to have when starting this plan.  This is the easiest program to follow, and perhaps the hardest. What does this mean?  If you were to write the diet on paper, it will look very simple. Problem is, that paper plan doesn’t tell you the hardships and your brain convincing you to your previous way of life.

Getting to the actual materials needed and the recommended items, you must always make sure you meet one demand every day.  You must have at least 80% of your body weight in protein. For example, I’m 173 pounds, so I would need a round about of 150 grams per day. This would lead to an obvious choice of Whey Protein. This is the only supplement you need. If you would like to take supplements such as creatine or other muscle enhancing supplements you may, but it’s not needed. The objective here is to retain your muscle and assure you’re only losing body fat and hard to lose water weight.

This leads us to our next item needed. You could consider this a supplement, which would contradict my “only needing one supplement” statement in the previous paragraph.  Nonetheless you need a multi-vitamin. In one meal it may be very hard to get all of your vitamins and nutrients, and a good multi-vitamin will assure you get these.

What to eat in your light feeding stage. During the day you’re supposed to light feed and at night you’re supposed to do your heavy feeding. This is similar to larger predators in the wild or how romans ate. Warrior Diet was derived from those types of conditions with warriors. I’m not telling you to act like a large predator or a warrior, but this is similar to their eating habits. Your light feeding stage should compose of some kind of nuts and berries.

My preference is Almonds for the nuts, and blueberries or blackberries for the berries. A recommended amount is a handful of each, which would give you a good measure each day.  You can have 1-2 feedings in your light feeding stage. So this list is composed of nuts and berries. The idea here is to detoxify your body. Believe it or not, after about a week on this diet, you will have the best bowel movements of your life. It may sound nasty, but you will feel so much better. This is due to the light eating stage materials, nuts and berries.

Basically all that is left is to have high protein foods on the Warrior Diet. You don’t really have to watch your fats, and your carbs, but don’t overdo it every night. Your body can handle between 2800-3500 calories before it starts to gain weight. This type of feeding is hard to achieve in a 4 hour window. A good standard time is 6-10 p.m. at night, but may be changed according to life schedules. So long as you have a 4 hour window to eat, you’re good to go.

List of needed items:

  1. Whey Protein
  2. Multi-Vitamin
  3. Nuts – Almonds preferably (good source of fiber)
  4. Berries (good source of fiber)
  5. High Protein Foods