What a Healthy Living Expert Does When She Feels a Cold Coming

Andrea Donsky, cofounder of NaturallySavvy.com, a website focused on living green and healthy, shares her love of yoga, her food weaknesses, and her tricks to speed up healing when you feel a tickle in the back of your throat.

Q: Can you tell me what your exercise regiment looks like?

A: I’m very big on yoga. I try to practice hot – or Moksha – yoga at least three times a week. I love it because it’s detoxifying. For me, it’s both physical and mental. I’m able to relax but I’m also able to detox and get some exercise. In the summer, I’ll go for walks a lot more. I also try to supplement my workout by doing videos. I love doing exercise videos – like Pilates or ab work as I love that it’s when I want to do it and I don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s schedule. Last night, I went over to a friend’s house and we did exercise from 9-10pm.

Q: Can you give me an idea of what foods you would typically include on a shopping list?

A: I buy a lot of organic fruits and vegetables. My husband is in wholesale produce, so I can get a lot of stuff through him. For organics, though, I have to go to the store. I buy organic rice, quinoa, millet, and natural meats with no hormones or antibiotics. For my kids, whole-grain breads and some healthier snack options.

Q: Is there anything that you really try to eat on a regular basis?

A: Raw fruits and vegetables. I try to get in my salads and greens, and some raw food with every meal. If there’s nothing else, try to grab some carrots or cucumber or something else that’s raw so that you’re supplementing your diet with some enzymes and something that’s alive.

Q: Do you take any supplements on an ongoing basis?

A: I do, I take a lot. The main ones I take are probiotics (and people are now speculating that the bulk of immune function emerges from your gut), vitamin D and fish oil.

Q: Do you have any food weaknesses?

A: Oh, yeah. I love dark chocolate. I’m gluten and dairy free, so I eat this amazing coconut frozen soy milk dessert from Turtle Mountain. In my earlier days, I was really keen to cut a lot of things out. But now I eat what I want to eat and I do everything in moderation. I’m not grabbing a chocolate bar and eating the whole bar; I’m grabbing some really high quality dark chocolate and it’s a little more nutrient-dense and I’m content with a smaller amount. Even with the ice cream, I’m not going to eat the whole container.

Q: Do you have any obstacles in pursuing a healthy lifestyle?

A: Other people can be an obstacle. For myself and my immediate family, I get a lot of support. But there are people who don’t understand what I’m doing and who are critical. Until things become mainstream, you’re fighting an uphill battle. At the same time, you understand not to hang around the people who don’t get it.

Q: If you get sick, do you have any tricks to speed up the healing process?

A: Absolutely! My number one line of defense is oregano oil. If someone’s getting a tickle in their throat, that’s the way to go; you can rub it into your feet or thighs or put it on your tongue. Colloidal silver is great if you have a cough. For immune boosters, I like astragalus and garlic. Another great remedy if organic honey; just take a spoonful if you have a sore throat.