What is an Aneurysm


Aneurysm has become a leading cause of death among a large section of middle-aged people across the world. A number of factors can cause this condition. The definition is the bulging of arteries due to the weakened walls of the blood vessels. It can result in death if not treated on time.  Doctors and health experts have pointed out a number of factors that aids in the development of this medical condition. The number one reason behind this disease seems to be the loss of flexibility in the walls of the blood vessels. Fatty plaque depositions can cause the blood vessel walls to lose their natural elasticity. These atherosclerotic plaques can also dislodge from their sites and travel through the blood vessels to the brain where they can cause brain stroke.

The deposition of fatty plaques occurs because these days’ people love to over indulge in fat laced junk foods. The smokers constitute the other major risk group, and it is advisable that people give up this fatal addiction at the earliest. The bulging of the arteries is only the first step in disease progression. Next, the bulging artery may burst which can endanger the life of the victim. The entire circumference of the artery may bulge and doctors term this condition as fusiform aneurysm. On the other hand, it can distend only a part of the arterial wall.

There are two main types. The cerebral or brain aneurysm develops when one of the arteries supplying blood to that organ bulges out. The artery can burst giving rise to a hemorrhagic stroke.  The other type is the aortic aneurysm. It affects the aorta, which is the main blood vessel in the body and supplies blood to all the major organs. It can occur near the heart, giving rise to the heart aneurysm condition. Alternatively, it can occur in the part of the aorta in the abdominal region and termed as stomach aneurysm. This part of the aorta is the major supplier of blood to the lower part of the body. When the blood vessel in the abdominal region bursts out, it can endanger the life of the victim and often proves to be fatal. Doctors and health experts identify this condition with the help of a few symptoms. However, these symptoms are quite vague and not at all unique characteristics of this condition. These symptoms include general pain and discomfort in the abdominal region, coughing fits or problems while breathing. Doctors diagnose it with the help of ultrasound and treat surgically if required.

Fusiform aneurysm can be fatal when it affects the arteries supplying blood to the vital organs of the body. It has a characteristic spindle shape, which occurs due to the bulging of the circumference of the blood vessel. It causes a number of medical symptoms such as dizziness and may require surgical intervention. This condition and all other types are prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking a balanced diet.