What Your Clothes Say About You

Think fashion is for fools? Think again says Nathalie Lesage, Public Relations Supervisor at Reitmans. What you wear and how you wear it can have a huge impact on your self-esteem… And the way people perceive you.

Which is why, with the seasons changing, we thought it would be the perfect time to chat about having fun with fashion — and how you can make your clothes work for you.

How we dress is often a reflection of who we are. How can a person go about figuring out who they are with fashion?

What’s so wonderful about fashion is how you can express your individuality through your clothes: By the way you pair pieces together or even just how you wear a scarf or jewellery.

Fashion allows you to convey your uniqueness and when we try on things we have an almost immediate sense if something feels right and feels like “me” — or doesn’t. What I find interesting is as we evolve and grow, our fashion tastes and preferences often do, too. It’s all so connected.

What role does fashion play in boosting confidence?

It plays a huge role! When we look good, we feel better about ourselves and, as a result, we’re more confident. You can actually see it in people — they carry themselves differently when they look and feel great.

Many people despise shopping because of the way it makes them feel — clothes may not fit right, they don’t like their reflection in a mirror. Do you have any shopping tips to help people overcome clothes-buying phobias?

Fit is so important — it makes all the difference to how clothes look on you. Many women are so used to a poor fit they don’t know any better; it’s no wonder many of them find shopping for clothes so frustrating. When clothes fit well, they flatter your figure — you look and feel great.

Unfortunately, I think too many women don’t know the signs of a good fit. For example, how a jacket should fit through the shoulders or how to tell when pants fit you properly. They try something on and are at a loss as to why something isn’t working and often just give up.

When it comes to getting a great fit, size is only the beginning; shape and proportion are also important. And some women would benefit from a specialty size and don’t even know it; they may have short legs and a petite proportioned pant would fit perfectly.

This is where sales staff can really help you. Our sales associates are trained to help you find the styles that will best suit your body type and proportions.They can also encourage you to try different sizes and styles you might not normally consider, but which fit and flatter you in a way you didn’t think possible. We see that all the time. The shopping experience should be a positive one and it most certainly can be. Be open to possibilities and learn about what makes a great fit!

What are some of the spring/summer 2011 trends?

This spring we’re seeing some great nautical looks — I love the stripes in particular. There’s a military/safari influence, with wonderful neutral beige and khaki shades and details such as cargo pockets. We’re seeing the 70s revisited, with peasant style tops and, of course, the wide leg jean. Florals are another key trend, and they can be soft and delicate or bold and graphic. Brights are important and I love the bright corals, yellows and blues. Going into summer, there’ll be lots of white and the newest way to wear it is all white — perfect for those hot summer days ahead!

Many women, if they’re older, fear being too trendy (which could make them look younger than they are). What tips do you have for incorporating trends into a person’s every day wardrobe?

I think, no matter what your age, you can look modern and current, while still looking age appropriate. The key is in the details. For example, if you like military style, don’t do it head-to-toe; try a little cotton khaki jacket with roll tab sleeves and wear it with your favorite jeans. Or you might introduce a touch of military into your wardrobe with cargo pocket pants — they needn’t be a super-skinny style. Consider adding the latest trends with accessories only, such as a leopard print scarf. Everyone can — and should — have fun with fashion!